Thatís My King 1222

Who Came From Maryís Virgin Womb And Faced His Fatherís Wrathful Doom Then Resurrected From the Tomb To Be Our Everlasting Groom! Why do you live upon the earth? Whatís your treasure Ė greatest worth? What fills your heart with sweetest mirth? Oh may it start with virgin birth! When God the Son came down to earth! He is lifeís most precious worth! Sadducees denied the resurrection; They came with a question for insurrection; But were overwhelmed by Christís objection; He shut their mouths with truth correction; To His church He gives protection; From false teachersí death infection; On that cross He faced rejection; Even though He was perfection; Took on Him our sin collection; But gave the tomb the great ejection; For Heís the life and resurrection! Heís worthy of life-long reflection! He alone is our connection; To the God of all complexion; Heíll give your life a new direction; Fill your heart with pure affection; You will never face rejection; For Heís the God of your election; And Heíll bring you to perfection! Thatís my King! Do you know Him?! Jesus told them they were wrong; Though theyíve read the Word lifelong; They donít know it Ė sounding gong; They deny that God is strong; Heíll raise the dead and life prolong; To His family youíll belong; And in your heart Heíll put a song; Join the everlasting throng; And praise His name with voices strong! Marriage on earth will face cessation; Then Ė eternal celebration; The Lambís our Spouse Ė our perfect relation; The church is His bride at the consummation; From every tongue and tribe and nation; Heíll love and support without accusation; Heíll protect and provide with no frustration; He satisfies your deepest aspiration; Heís worthy of every and all adoration; Because on that cross He saved from damnation; To bring us the joys of eternal salvation; Heís God of the living with no condemnation; Trust in Him now with no reservation; Heíll fill you with fullness of joyís elation; And thus we praise the incarnation; The Word made flesh in combination; Let us adore in admiration! Thatís my King! Thatís my King!