Seeking the Son

, I attempted to take my own life. At the time I had woo many reasons not to live, but no excuse. I had reached the bottom of a downward spiral that began the moment I turned my back on my family and my God over eight years ago. Three days before Christmas I was in a minor car accident that resulted in major damage. My spine had been injured, resulting in the entirety of my back refusing to properly function. After seeking medical attention, I began another college semester full of physical therapy and opiate-based prescription meds. Due to previous experiences with drugs “scored” off the streets, I managed to get on a heavy dosage of methadone for the pain - a drug usually reserved for cancer patients and heroin addicts - knowing full well my own fleshly desire to get high. Within weeks of final exams, I had reduced myself to a pill popping, cocaine addicted, drunken failure. Even though, during the previous 2 years I had maintained a 4.0 average, I now could not even make it to class and had to take incompletes from all of my courses. After a two month long detoxification and recovery period spent at home with my parents, life seemed to be on the up and up. All by my own doing, which is why I fell into an even worse drug- addiction not long after my recovery. I had found a good full-time job, but by the time I received my first paycheck, I had already returned to alcohol abuse and illegal purchases of painkillers. I didn’t last long. In the latter part of July, I began to intensify my opiate addiction by using the drugs intravenously. What started as small infrequent uses grew into a ravenous hunger. Within a few months I had lost a handful of friends and jobs to an addiction I could no longer control. Then the drug supplies ran out. I had borrowed too much from my dealers, and my other “hook-ups” were tired of seeing me beg for more. My physical body rebelled in pain and withdrawals, my soul was in a pit of depression, and I tried to drown it all away in the bottom of a bottle. By the last week of November, I had had enough and began turning again to cocaine highs, but this time through injection - a form of cocaine use I had been wary of for many years. By that Friday I had unsuccessfully increased the amount I was “shooting up” all in order to find an end to my life... an escape from all the pain and suffering. When I awoke the following day, I was surprised to be alive. The near overdose experience of the previous night had my body crying out. I did the only thing I knew to do… got drunk, and hit the freeway. Even though I expected to “crash and burn” by God’s grace my life was spared, yet again, and I reached my parents’ home and sought help. Thank you Jesus. Within hours I found myself detoxifying yet again at the psychiatric ward - just another step in the ultimate plan God had in store for my life. I had sought God’s forgiveness for my sinful ways, and arrived at the Spokane Dream Center, Glory to God! I am now born again, filled with His Holy Spirit, and delivered from my addictions. My body has been healed from all pain and suffering, He has freed me from depression, restored my relationship with my family and shown me the miracle of new life in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Dream Center has been a life changing experience for me and will continue to be so. I am surrounded by my newfound brothers, and the church body here has welcomed me into the fold like the prodigal son. By His strength I have grown less like me and found that all things are possible through Christ. The prayers and support you all have provided reach further than you may ever know… THANK YOU!!! My thanks and prayers also go out to my Pastors and Teachers here… GOD BLESS YOU!!! My heart’s one desire is to obey the Lord, no matter the cost. I am learning daily to rely on Him for all things and to seek first His Kingdom. God has given me a heart to worship and praise Him through music as well as to spread the gospel of Christ to the nations among those who have ears to hear. Thank you Jesus,