Making a NEW Way!

By “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW creation; the old has gone, the NEW has come!” - 2 Cor. 5:17 Praise the Lord that God makes ALL things New, Amen! I Love that He is God who brings in the new day, the new year, the new seasons, new plans, new ways, new paths, and so importantly new People! He makes US NEW! I just want to take a moment and give Him praise for the fact that, while it may have felt like the whole world was coming to a stand still in the year of 2020, God never stopped moving! He was continually working, constantly perpetrating His plans, and always on the move. When it seemed that Earthly expansion had come to a screeching halt, our King was still changing lives, making people NEW, adding more to the body of Christ, and expanding His Kingdom! Our God is Unlimited, Unbound, and Unhindered by anything in all of creation! I have to tell you something that I just love so much! Every time in history where the church is persecuted, the Gospel of Christ in unleashed in an even greater capacity! Every time in history where the church is persecuted, the Gospel of Christ in unleashed in an even greater capacity! When human beings make plans to try and thwart the church, to snuff it out, or even to kill it, God creates NEW ways for the church to keep advancing. He makes paths through the seas, He breaks down walls, He takes down giants. Jesus has already told us, when asked to silence His disciples in the book of Luke, that “if these people keep silent, the stones themselves will cry out in praise to God!” God WILL be Glorified, He WILL be praised, His Gospel WILL be preached, and the Gates of Hell will NEVER be able to stand against His Church...make no mistake about that! It is a laughing matter to believe that people are actually in charge here! There is only One who is Sovereign, only One who is Supreme, only One who is Superior and in charge of it all! The One Way, the One TRUTH, the One Life - Jesus Christ, and because of that I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you about amazing NEW ways that God is moving! We all at One Truth Ministries began dealing with the frustration of social media outlets over the last several months as they had started rejecting our posts and limiting the reach that our Bible Teaching videos could have. We started praying for what the Lord might want to do as we continued to encounter these problems. I was receiving emails from random people telling me to quit talking about this absurd religion and archaic way of thinking, and many more not so nice descriptions of Jesus and His followers, including myself. I began to question if I should actually back off, it was seeming like this Avenue may end up as a closed door, and then I received another email one day. I was being invited to have a New Bible Teaching Radio Program that would air FIVE DAYS A WEEK! We were amazed at the NEW direction God was taking us! In a time where those in leadership of our natural world have placed limitations on gathering together, on church availability and capacity, many have been turning back to the radio yet again! We have heard numerous testimonies of people saying they are turning off their TV’s and listening to Christian broadcasting stations again! The Lord will Always provide a way for the Gospel and the Truth of His word to be shared! I am SO Excited to Announce to you what God has opened up for One Truth Ministries! Starting JANUARY 11TH, we will be on the air at 3PM MONDAY - FRIDAY on KTW 630 AM, 96.5 FM, KTAC 93.9 FM, And Globally on the Liberty Broadcasting System! We are SO excited for what the Lord has planned as we follow Him down this NEW road! He is powerfully opening up the airwaves for the Truth of His Gospel to Go Forth!!! We would love to have you join us daily! If you are not around a radio you can join us live by clicking on the link below at 3pm Monday-Friday! You can also check out our website for all our previously aired shows just by clicking on the Radio button on our home page! Our website is With God ALL THINGS are possible! He cannot be stopped, His plans cannot be stopped, His Purpose cannot be stopped, and His Church cannot be stopped! Job 42:2 says, “I know that you can do everything and your plans are unstoppable.” God is making ALL things New! Let’s praise our Unstoppable God, Let’s cling to the Truth of His Word, and let’s press on to do what Christ has given us to do until the whole world hears! In His mighty name, Amen!