Lessons Learned in the Buffet Line

Most of us love salad bars and buffet lines. All those cool choices and ample portions... yum! We like to cruise through the line and look at all that good food. We tend to take a little of some things and a lot of others. Before we know it we have a full plate and we didn’t get everything we wanted. That’s okay though, “I’ll just make another trip through the line” we tell ourselves. We sit down, add the finishing touches to our little feast, a little salt & pepper, or whatever else is appropriate for what we are about to partake, arrange the items on the table to enjoy our meal in the most efficient manner and dig in. Usually we find something on our plate that we don’t like, it looked so good when we first caught sight of it but now, it’s in the way on your plate so you either ignore it or push it to out of the way. Of course there is always something on our plate that is not good for us. We finish our firsts and contemplate what we will get on our second trip through the line. “Hum, those meatballs were really good, better have some more.” Once again we load or plates with things we hope we’ll like, things that are not good for us and things that we will probably never finish. The problem comes when you find that you don’t have room for dessert, “but it’s included in the meal, I had better have some anyway,” we say. After dessert we feel too full and uncomfortable. “Why did I have those last 50 meatballs,” ugh! How often do we approach life like this? We should be enthusiastic about life. However, we often take on more responsibilities than we should, we over-commit. We crowd our schedules so tight that there is no room for the things we enjoy, like the dessert, the sweet things in life. Just like the “meatballs” we find that the things that we want to enjoy are no longer appealing to us. In fact, they quickly go from enticing to repulsive because we have taken too much. Next time you go through a buffet line, think about your life. Do you have a “full plate?” Are there things in your life that should not take on, things you will not finish? Will you ignore them or push them to the side. Should you say no when asked to complete another task? Maybe, maybe not! While you are enjoying your meal, think about your personal schedule and responsibilities. Consider readjusting your time and energy for the sake for your family and your sanity. Perhaps your own life can be more fulfilling, productive and enjoyable because you saved room for some dessert, the sweet things in life!