From Broken to Blessed

I am so grateful that Jesus saved me! God rescued me from darkness and despair and moved me into His marvelous light. God had a calling on my life before I was born. Now each and every day is a wonderful gift and adventure as I walk in His plans and purposes for me. Adopted into a good, loving family in Salt Lake City, Utah, they tried their best to raise me right, but at a young age, I decided to be rebellious. Influenced by bad things in the world, I made a series of poor choices and spiraled downward into a life of drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, and crime. First I was addicted to heroin and eventually meth. Then I ran far from God and dove into witchcraft and satanism. I lost everything, including a five-year marriage, family, jobs, friends, etc. For almost two years, I was a homeless, drug-addicted vagabond. After filling my life with all the wrong things, I was broken and worn out. I was done with living. I had hit bottom. I was at the lowest of the low. In the Seattle area, I went to a Foursquare church. The worship music that was playing pierced me deeply. God touched me. I broke down and cried. Godís love opened my eyes and heart. I wanted to know Jesus. When I moved to Spokane, Washington, I entered a rehab center that was one block from Spokane Dream Centerís Menís Discipleship program. While I was in the rehab, God began to woo me by placing Christians in my path to minister to me. They gave me a Bible and invited me to church. A man named Dean even invited me to fellowship at his home. It was an amazing time. Led in a prayer, I gave my life to Jesus. A member of the Dream Center church led a Bible study at the rehab center. He told me about the Menís Discipleship program. I attended a Sunday service and felt an overwhelming touch of Godís love, His very presence! After I met with Pastor Vince, the director of the Menís Discipleship program, I decided it was the best step for me. While I was in the program, many miracles happened in my life. God did the impossible! I experienced breakthrough, healing, restoration, and deliverance! My mind was renewed and washed by Godís Word. For a whole year, I was discipled by godly counsel. Godís favor was poured out over my life as I made the most of this opportunity, a second chance from my heavenly Father. Nearly four years after graduating from the discipleship program, I am now the assistant manager. Glory to God! Only God could have taken this broken man who had run far from Him and restored me back to life. Every day is an adventure with God. I am blessed to see men from all walks of life come into the discipleship program and become who God meant for them to be. Daily, I witness miracles in their lives. What an honor and privilege. Jesus is the answer. Jesus delivered me from a life of sin and misery and brought me into a relationship with Him that is indescribably beautiful. The truth is that He can do it for you, too. Whatever it is in your life that leaves you empty, Jesus is the answer to fill you and complete you. He is the only one who can. Spokane Dream Center has both a menís and womenís discipleship program with the same purpose, life recovery. It is a great place for someone who is lost and broken like I was to learn to walk in all God has for you.