Waiting for Isaac

My husband left me for another woman when I was eight weeks pregnant with our second child in July 2004. God challenged me to stand for my marriage just as he had asked Hosea to wait for his unfaithful wife to return to him. I had no idea what this would mean, but stood all the same. During this time a friend suggested I attend Blessing Generations, a seminar now held at Newman Conference Center (www.newmancc.org; 509-226-5390). This seminar made such an impact on me that I wouldn’t consider signing the divorce papers my husband gave me until after he had also attended. He finally went with me in October 2006, but still wanted a divorce. In December 2006 the divorce was finalized. Heartbroken, angry and confused, I began what is best described as an ungodly rebound relationship with a former boyfriend. Mercifully, God placed it on his heart to join the army. However, the night before he left, I discovered he had been cheating on me with the sister of a friend. Sometime later I found out that prior to his departure he had gotten her pregnant and after completing boot camp had married her. Feeling the sting of yet another rejection I threw myself into church and began volunteering at Newman Conference Center. Slowly my heart began to heal and I developed close relationships with incredible people including Star, a woman I met at the conference I had attended with my ex-husband. However, I still longed for a husband and partner to help raise my children. At times I had a hard time believing God heard my prayers and this brought the worst sting of rejection. But He proved Himself faithful and showed me that not only does He hear my prayers, He answers them! The answer to my prayer for a husband came from an unexpected source after the 2007 Christmas Eve service. My pastor’s wife, Karen, approached me and asked if she could pray for a Godly husband and father for my family. Karen is a woman of few words and when she does have something to say, it is going to be good. The following Sunday she stopped me with even more God had given her. She described me as Sarah waiting for Isaac and encouraged me to be patient, because I did not want Ishmael. The next nine months God walked me through deep heart work and cultivated deeper relationships with Star and her sister, Stormy, who have become like sisters to me. They provide feedback and desperately needed insight into areas only God knew needed healing. With the development of my church family I found some security. My children did not feel like such a burden even with my son’s outbursts of anger at school and my daughter’s asthma causing her to be hospitalized several times a year. I finally was able to rest. My heart cry changed as I began trusting God. I told Him I wanted Him and if it meant Isaac took a hundred years, a relationship with Jesus was my greatest reward. No sooner was this said than my ex-boyfriend, who was back from the Army, began texting me. It turned out his marriage was on the rocks and he wanted to bail. I didn’t want to be the other woman. In fact I had vowed never to be the other woman, because I knew the pain this creates. I believe this is part of the reason God allowed me to be tested. He wanted to know if I would honor the vow that I would never be the other woman. God also challenged me to ask Him for forgiveness for judging my ex-husband’s wife for being the other woman in our relationship. The principle behind this came from Mathew 7:1-2, “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. ” Off and on I struggled with the decision I needed to make, but God wanted me to succeed and He made a way of escape. One Sunday during church I sat with Star. She noticed my ring finger was bare and decided I needed a reminder of Christ’s love. She placed her own ring on my finger and stated it was my purity ring until Isaac would give me a ring; then I could return hers. Star went on to explain the stone was garnet, the red representing Christ’s blood and the gold band serving as a reminder that we are the bride of Christ. This was what I needed in order to make my decision to run away from temptation. Sending Ishmael away meant I was still alone, but God faithfully spoke to my heart, “This ring is temporary and so is this situation.” I was overjoyed. This won’t last forever! After making my stand and sending my ex-boyfriend away he decided to remain married to his wife. God revealed to me that if I had acted out of my selfish desires, I would have been the cause of his divorce and would have paid a cost, possibly even missing Isaac. With Christmas around the corner I was invited to a party and met a gentleman, Matt, who was incredibly sweet. We hit it off and began to hang out with mutual friends. Although I thought Matt was wonderful, I took the stand that anyone, who wanted to court me needed to meet my pastor and get his approval. Several co- workers asked if I were intentionally trying to run him off. With all honesty I said, “Yes, if he is not an honorable man with Godly intentions, he can run as fast as his legs can carry him.” I am pleased to tell you, Matt did not run away. We were married September 5, 2009. With Christmas around the corner I know how hard it is to be alone. But take heart. You are not alone when you have Jesus. The question remains, will you take a stand and wait for God to bring your Isaac? He is well worth the wait!