The Craziest Birth Ever

Seriously, You’ll Get A Kick Out Of This. This morning I woke up laughing. Have you ever had a dream so vivid yet so crazy that it just made you laugh? Well thats what happened to me at 9:30am this morning. We are just getting to know each other, so I want to introduce my wife and 6…count them 6 boys. My oldest Son is Caleb. He’s 15 years old and my fitness nut. My second oldest is Noah. He’s 13 and loves playing music. He’s currently on two worship band frontlines. My third oldest is Eli. We call him “The Tank” because he literally will knock you over when he hugs you. My fourth oldest is Israel. My 7 Year old. This dude loves Jesus and talks about Him constantly. My 5 year old is Isaac. Woah. This is a lively one. He loves making up his own worship songs every day. I think the last one went something like… “Jesus is my foot and my hand.” or something like that. And then there is the reason why I am so blessed with this motly crew… my Mandi. I married my first girlfriend. We were so young and God has blessed us now going on 16 years in Feb. I’m so proud of them and especially their love for the Lord. I had to introduce you to my crew so you’d understand how absurd this dream was. See Mandi and I have decided that unless by a divine intervention we are done having children! However, I found myself dreaming of Mandi giving birth again. Now, let me take a second and tell you that I immediately started pleading with God that I love my children but I hoped this dream wasn’t prophetic about having more children! I woke up laughing and saying “God, we need to talk about this one, ha!” He softly assured me it wasn’t about having more children but rather that it was a prophetic dream. Don’t get ahead of me you see’ers and dream interpreters. Let me tell the story. This isn’t your typical “Your giving birth to your dreams” message. That much I can tell you right now. Just keep reading. So the story goes like this….Mandi was laying on the hospital bed. She has been there a day or two in labor. She mentioned to the nurse that “It would soon be time, the baby was coming” and the nurse replied with “Are you sure?” Then, after Mandi glared back at her, she said “Okay, I’ll get the doc.” The nurse left the room and Mandi began telling me to “Get someone in here right now, the baby is coming!” As it pertains to our history with these things, she always knew right before it was about to happen so I stood up to get the doctors and wham! There was the baby laying on the bed. One push… one whimpered, grit teeth under the breath scream from Mandi and there He was! Supernatural birth compared to the hours of labor and pushing that we had with our other children. As amazing as that is and as much as that right there could speak to us, that isn’t even where it begins to get wild. Keep reading… There was barely any blood and my newly born son laid on the end of the bed smiling and crying just enough to know everything was normal. I ran out of the room to get the doctors and passed nurses as they said to Mandi “Hey, you weren’t kidding were you!” with slight smirks of “We thought you were exaggerating” undertones in their voice. Now here’s the crazy part… When I came back in the room, to my surprise the newborn was laying on His side next to my 3 year old as if he was just hanging out. AND HE WAS TWICE THE SIZE OF MY 3 YEAR OLD. “Uh”… I said. Thats a big baby! The doctor said “No ones gonna’ believe this!” He was rather shocked and amazed, even wide eyed as he stared. Who could blame him? I was staring and in the same shock. What’s more, is the newborn was full clothed with jean shorts, tank top and flip flops and said “Dad lets go!” Yeah. This is where I awoke laughing,still in-between the a state of reality and dream (alpha state I believe its called). Okay to the points: 1. There are some of you who think you’re done birthing things and YOUR NOT. God has something still even greater than before for you to release into this earth and leave a Godly legacy of MAKING JESUS KNOWN. 2. Other people may not understand or take you serious when you talk about knowing that something is about to birth from your life. No one knows where your at in the birth process, like the one giving birth. Don’t mind, judge or let influence you, those ney sayers who keep telling you its not your time. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. You are in the birth process, not them. Have grace with their ignorance because of that. 3. What you are birthing now is worth the struggle of culturing whats inside you to grow. and all of this time you’ve been in waiting, you have been in a baby growing process..not delay! 4. Although, growing that inner man has been wearing at times; the point in which what has been nurtured internally, becomes a visible manifestation, and will supernaturally be accelerated. That is, your one push away from birth. 5. THE PROMISE IS BIGGER THAN YOU THINK, AND WILL SHOCK EVERYONE. God sized destinies, promises, purposes, callings, gifting, and anointing are GOD SIZED not man sized. The world will see that the things birthed in this season of our lives are so GOD SIZED that only HE can get the glory. The manifestation of your promise, and fulfillment of your purpose will be so big they wont even consider that you could receive glory from it for it’s TOTALY SUPER – NATURAL, but they will thank you for your obedience. 6. What you are birthing is that of a quick work in the kingdom. It wont take the typical time needed to mature. It will be accelerated. That is why the waiting time has occurred in your life. It is so your maturity can be cultured to steward a mature promise. What you are birthing will have the stability, balance, and qualities of that which would typically take years and it will stand on its own. The impact you are about to make in the kingdom and the world alike may come as a surprise. You may have thought it was over for you, but the best is yet to come. God still has a work for you in this earth. Whatever it is… be it a ministry, a book, a blog, a song, boldness in witnessing, preaching, teaching, prophesying, edifying, evangelizing, working of miracles and gifts of hearings… what ever it is that is being birthed in your life to impact the earth will come now in a supernatural way. I PRAY YOU GET A KICK OUT OF THIS – Your baby is still in there just growing and growing, getting ready to impact the world. Don’t rely on men to tell you when its your time. That’s no better than asking a priest to forgive your sins instead of God. You have the clock within you. Rely on God, and when its time, get ready to see supernatural SIZED manifestations, with GODSPEED, ACCELERATION OF MATURITY & STABILITY, and EASE. Get ready! You’re one push away! Keep feeding that inner man, and ready yourself to steward what God is birthing in you! I Bless You in the Name of Jesus! Thomas & Mandi + 6 Awesome Boys With Permission