God Sized Turn Around

Today I heard this phrase again in my spirit… GOD SIZED TURN AROUND.
There is a God intervention coming to your circumstance. I tell you this so that when the solution and resolution comes, you remember that it''s not just any ole'' victory, but that it’s a victory from the Lord! I want to encourage you right now to surrender the circumstance, the pain from that circumstance to Jesus.
Trust Him to be the finisher of the story and let go of what you think should happen in order to embrace His plans. He knows His plans...and we do not. But, by His promise, we can trust that they are good. I declare over you that "God is showing up for you in your life in a tangible and noticeable way."
Even as you read this, I know you''ve begun to look for God in your situation, and you are going to start to see Him!
Though He is outside of time, He created time and understands that you need a timely miracle. God knows. As we trust Him and release Him into our circumstances through faith, He will come through. As for me and my house, He’s never failed us yet. If you feel you just don’t have faith enough to see these God sized changes… you servant of God…stand. Stand in what measure of faith you have and believe God. Trust God.
Release it to God. If you’ve experienced delay, it may simply be that the season for your breakthrough is not yet there. To EVERYTHING there is a time and season.Like the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48), even the centurion who’s needed a miracle for his servant (Matthew 8:5-13), or the blind man who cried out to Jesus and was healed (Luke 18:35-42), Jesus had to be passing by so they could reach out to him.
Now that we have Holy Spirit, Jesus is always present to heal but sometimes the fulfillment of that miracle & healing is reserved for a specific moment in time to happen.That is, to everything, there is a time and a season.When we stand in faith agreeing together, it accelerates things in the spirit realm (we’ll get to more on that one day).
But know this, we''re standing and believing with you in faith. Commanding any darkness to dissipate in the illumination of the Son of God, and that which is inevitable in eternity, become imminent because we believe that we shall receive what He has promised!
Be encouraged. Reach out to Him, then trust him. Turn it all over to Jesus and trust him to be the finisher of your story. When we understand that He is good, we will know that His plans for us are good, and His thoughts towards us are good. He will withhold no good thing from us. Then, with that revelation of His goodness, you can release your pain, frustration and needs to him and enter into His rest!Take a second right now and SPEAK ALOUD several times "Greater is He that is in ME, than He that is in the world!" Come on, do it.I know you feel the power of God rushing through you right now like I am, as I am writing you. If you aren''t, you didn''t speak the declaration from scripture out loud. Even if you did... let this grace and power for God-sized breakthrough increase by saying it again! Go ahead, right now...even bolder.
Speak to the financial, physical, family and relationship obstacles you are encountering and speak... "Greater is He that is in ME, than He that is in the world! I’m believing with you. We are believing with you.
I bless you in the name of Jesus - Thomas & Mandi + 6 Awesome Boys!