The Author of Romance

God is the Author of romance. God is love. 1Jo 4:8. Romance and love go hand in hand. Romance was blended into us at creation. Throughout the Bible romantic stories are told revealing the heart of our Father. He didn''t just create man to reproduce, but He added the spice of romance. Throughout the centuries true romance has captured the hearts of men and women from every sector of life. Women are born romantics at heart. Nothing melts the heart of a woman like flowers and candy or something dear to them presented by a boy or man.
The Bible is loaded with romantic stories that have changed history. Most folks who read the Bible know story of Solomon and his bride found in Song of Solomon. Chapter 7 is loaded with passionate details, and even making some to blush. When one of my kids said, “I didn''t know the Bible had anything like that in it.”
Abraham had a great love affair with Sarah. After the angelic visitation their love must have been revived for she gave birth to Issac at the age of 90, and Abraham was 100. Ge 17:17. She laughed about the prophetic word before she had conceived, but holding her baby at 90 was the time to laugh for joy, rejoicing in the goodness and faithfulness of God. Abraham preferred Sarah until she died.
After Issac grew up, and his mother died, Abraham sent his servant to find him a wife among distant relatives. Miraculously, he is led to Rebekah, a distant relative watering her sheep. She is dazzled with the romance of a wealthy groom waiting for her. She leaves a short time later with Abraham''s servant to join Issac. He is smitten as he sees the caravan arriving with his bride. He loves her and cherishes her as his wife. Ge 24:64-67. What a wonderful love story!
In Genesis 29 Jacob, Issac & Rebekah''s son, meets Rachel at the well. He is so overcome with love he kissed her. Jacob consents to work 7 years for her father in order to marry her. Her father then tricks Jacob and gives his daughter Leah instead, but that did not stop Jacob, for he worked another 7 years to have Rachel for his wife. Ge 29. That is true romance – one that doesn''t quit.
In the book of Ruth Boaz wins the Ruth, Moabite widow for his wife. Ruth following the instructions of her mother in law Naomi lays at the feet of Boaz and he responds with pursuit. Their marriage resulted with inclusion in the lineage of King David and Jesus Christ.
The prophet Hosea had a wayward wife that represented Israel at that time and their relationship to God. Hosea pursued his wife through all her adulterous relationships, showing her true love.
The term romance is used to describe many things, such as literature, cultures (French), languages, decorations, galas, plays, books, and even a special day; Saint Valentine''s Day. It is the busiest day of the year for florists. I used to own floral shops and I grew to love this holiday more than any other. It was so much fun seeing men of all ages come in and pick out flowers for their special girl or wife. My husband was the best though; he has always given me red roses.In modern times people still express their love for that special person. Children in schools make Valentine''s cards and exchange them, along with heart candies, especially with girls they have a crush on.
Derek & Lydia Prince had one of the most unusual romances that I have ever witnessed. Lydia was dramatically saved and called to be a missionary in Jerusalem when she was 38 years old. She was a single, Danish school teacher born into an affluent family, but she walked away from her inheritance to walk in faith. In 1928 she left for Jerusalem with just $200, and no support..
She learned Arabic and founded a children''s home. She became mother to dozens of Jewish and Arabic children. Lydia shared her faith with Arabic women and British soldiers that were stationed there during World War II.
In the mid 1940''s she met and married Derek Prince. He was 30 years her junior, a British scholar, and a Christian soldier. God led him to Lydia and he fell in love with her. Lydia didn''t want to have a relationship other than friendship, but he pursued ,and they married. They had her 8 girls, and later adopted another child together. Derek used to say that Lydia was his seminary. He became a well-known international teacher. He loved Lydia. After her stroke at 83 he cared for her until her death at 85.
God uniquely puts people together that have hearts to serve Him. Rachel Titus was a vibrant preacher during the Charismatic Movement. She was my friend and mentor for over 25 years. Rachel met her husband as a young woman of 18. He was an elder in the church and a widower with 3 children. They shared a deep love. Rachel had no incline to preach as she was quite shy, but she loved her husband and those 3 children. She loved working beside her husband in the church.
All was well, until a well-known prophet of that day came to their church. He was giving prophetic words and Rachel was hiding. He called her out and spoke words that were anointed and directive. Rachel didn''t want to accept a call to preach, but her husband was thrilled. He had always wanted to preach, but did not possess the gift. As Rachel stepped out with her husband leading the way she became one of the most anointed woman preachers that was raised up for that hour. Her husband became known throughout the land as Mr. Soul Winner USA. He would stand outside the meetings and greet those entering. He talked to them about their faith and led many to Christ. Rachel gave sound teaching, and truly was a Titus woman. I have always been thankful for her input into my life.
Rachel grew in anointing as Jesus became her “Wealthy Jewish Husband ” after her dear husband went to Heaven. He took care of her in every way, providing for her needs, and some wants. At one pastor''s conference, before the meeting, I overheard some of the young pastors commenting about Rachel. One said, “What can this old lady teach me.” I chuckled for I knew that the Lord would vindicate her. The Holy Spirit moved through her in a mighty way during that meeting. It was an awesome sight to see over 300 pastors on their faces weeping before the Lord in repentance.
Usually there is romance involved in a couple marrying. Romance is the icing on the covenant cake in a marriage. Romance keeps the marriage sweet to the end. Truly God put romance in the hearts and minds of His children for He wants the best for us.