Protection by a Barrier of Faith

For many years, when hard financial times came, Mandi and I would get discouraged. Defeat would try to slip in Ö with almost every battle. But we found a strategy in God principles of seed, time and harvest that changed everything! It governed how our flesh responded to toil and financial brokenness and we were never without hope again.

God inspired giving created a barrier of faith and hope that discouragement could no longer overtake.

Jesus said remember me. We remember the cross to remember His love, His redemption, His grace and forgiveness so that we do not loose hope and continue fight the good fight of faith.

Remembering is a big key to maintaining the right humility and posture of heart towards the Lord and having the mind of Christ while in this earth.

Abba showed us this important principle of remembrance. In the old testament he instructed the Israelites to gather ď stones of remembranceĒ from the dry land where they crossed over Jordan to remind each generation of how He provided and loves them. In the new testament we are instructed to remember Jesusí shed blood and resurrection through communion. ďDo this in remembrance of me.Ē

Remembering the cross as monument to the shed blood of Jesus to remind us the He is alive, has saved our lives from death unto life and is coming again. The cross is a point of remembrance. We wear it around our neck, it adorns the steeples of church buildings, its on our journals hymnals, and bibles. No its not two pieces of wood and nails that we remember, its the point of remembrance of what God did and will do!

Itís our peace of mind in times of pain, trouble, and circumstance that because of who He is, what Heís done, and what Heís promised, we are victors in Christ and greater is He that is in us than whatís in the world. That Heís alive and coming again!

We sow as unto the Lord at this time of the year towards a harvest for the rest of the year.. as point of remembrance.

Now whether we sow or not, we know that our needs are taken care of because what good father would not provide for His childrenís needs? However, when it comes to increase and abundance, that state of more than enough, itís sowing as unto the Lord that gives us that hope. It gives us that faith that lets us obtain the promise! At first we gave like it was a regular offering but In latter years we gave bigger with respect to what we could because looking back and remembering, when we saw that we could have trusted Him with more, just didnít sit well. The best encouragement was being able to look back and know we gave all that we could like the widows mite and that God would always out- give us back!

Isnít it amazing how truth, even simple truth just illuminates us!? Knowing this truth sets us free!

This simple strategy was a huge revelation that literally set us free! Knowing this truth and acting on it created protection from fleshly mind sets that react to what we see, instead of what we know. When the shaking comes, we remember He is faithful and that we sowed into His provision over our lives. We can have hope in what we know(who) and not in what we see and it works every time!

know right now those who have discovered this simple strategy for financial hope are saying a big AMEN right now. And you who are awakening to this revelation. You are relived that this truth has come and given you a plan to set you free from discouragement, from financial pain. Trust God. Strategically sow into this revelation and donít fall into fear over your finances ever again.

If you are being led by the Spirit of God to sow into this ministry right now and feel the anointing for breakthrough, move quickly. Iíd even print the receipt of your love gift and put it in your wallet or on your fridge to look at when your finances are shaken.

Remember His promise of provision. If you never sowed a dime your needs will still be met but if you want that abundance and more than enough promise, release Godís hands to yield you a harvest you cannot contain