Are you a “Like” or a light? 9/2018 1/23

, Are you a “Like” or a light? I heard a “Christian” actor being interviewed on a news program. I listened closely, not because Christians are exceptionally intuitive by nature, but because they should, in living up to the title, desire truth and purity. I was stunned, however, to once again hear a Christian embrace the religion of feelings; to embrace that doctrinal stance which approves of a person’s right to chose their morality; a personal morality tailored to their own lifestyle. Having experienced this before; I sought to understand this phenomenon. This escapes my power of reason that a person could approve in others what they could not tolerate in themselves. What do these people have in common? What can they gain from this double standard that eviscerates the moral responsibility of others while at least claiming to hold self to a high standard? This is found on the broad line between any two sides of most moral debate in the civilized world; those who just want to get along. Those who claim to have no right to make the call; to take the stand; to declare universal truth. They dismiss the notion that even GOD would hold anyone to a fixed point of reference or hold His own to a collective conscience. “To each his own”, really means “I don’t care if you are right or wrong”. There are cases where there can be the compromise, such as in politics or sports or food preference, but not in moral decisions. We should all want what is right for each other. I am purposely avoiding the actual moral topic or taking categorical sides here because that would distract from the point. The point being, we cannot be neutral on holiness or purity. Jesus said “Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.” This is our hope and desire in sanctification and the Christian life; and it should be spoken, in love, as the hope we have for all. People of no faith or different faiths need to understand, this is not condemnation; this stems from our desire that they NOT be condemned. God is very clear what will be condemned. This isn’t even advocating that laws should be passed on moral grounds. You can’t legislate morality. This is to say that to care about our fellow humans is not to approve of their choices but to desire for them the approval of God’s choices. We base a lot of modern personal relations on the concept of liberalism and conservatism. It gets confusing when a person seems to take a conservative stand for themselves but embraces a liberal ideology for others. This is the politically correct thing to do but it really takes no stand at all. It establishes nothing in the minds of our young people to say “what’s right for me may not be right for you”. It lays no guidelines for our civic responsibility to compromise our values to the detriment or pleasure of others. What others “feel” is not our guide in developing character. It makes sense that conservatism defaults to liberalism when conservative views are not applied to our daily lives, thoughts, and attitudes. If we say we love order but live daily in disorder and do not contest it we become disorderly. When we say we are moral but live every day without contending for morality we slip into immorality. It’s a slow fade from faith, to doubt, to unbelief, if we do not practice living for God. Christians have to practice a moral stand or they cease to be Christian. They become politically correct spiritualists when they do not stand in Jesus Name and say, “this is wrong”. They do no good for anyone, nor do they shine a light on the path when they make no call for others to follow the narrow way. To make no call on absolute moral truth is to shine an affirmative light on the broad road leading to destruction. Can I say I love others and do this? Decide what the Bible says and live it, declare it; make the call! By doing so you bare good fruit, and you shine the light of truth on the narrow path in a dark world. You will not make friends, you will not get a lot of likes on social media; but remember, they hated HIM first, and He loves them more than you do.