The Star

Day four was the day He spoke and I and all the others came into being. In an instant we were there-- all different sizes and with many different instructions. We had different positions in different galaxies, and some even had planets orbiting. We are the lights of the sky. Each light had it’s own task; He set us in place to mark seasons and years with bright lights to light up the sky for all to see.
I am a star that had instructions that set me apart from the rest. I was dull. I made no light and went on being unnoticed and even looked down on by the other stars. The others shone like they had something to boast about, and I sat with my dullness unnoticed and I waited.
The earth’s sky was unlike any other atmosphere: around the planet earth it was a clear blue, and we all felt that it was like He had his focus on that speck of a planet. Why would He have so much care for such a little thing?
He still was working, and as I focused in to see what he was doing, He filled the blue planet with life. The sky was filled with birds and the waters were filled with all kinds of life. He filled the land with plants that have never been seen before and then He filled the land with many different kinds of animals to roam the earth.
Then he took a breath and paused, and took some dirt and was rubbing it together in His hands as he thoughtfully formed another. He formed it differently from everything else, and He breathed into the form and spoke to it. All his creation he spoke into existence, but this one He formed with His hands and spoke to it. He made this one to be His representative on the earth, to rule and to reign with Him over the earth and all that was on it: animals and plants, water and land. Out of all that He spoke into being, he never took the time with His hands to form, nor did He breathe into or speak to any of the others but this one.
Watching how he spoke to his representative was amazing. He gave him instructions on how to care for the world that he was placed in. “Out of all the trees around,” He told him, “of one tree you must not eat.”
It seemed that He was done. He stopped, and watched, and rested. Everything was absolutely perfect.
Time went by and He was always watching his representative, and coming down to see how things were going and to see what His representative would do with all that was given to him.
As time went by, the representative was given a companion to rule with and the commands that were given to him became a distant memory as time passed. One day there was a new creature, different from all the rest, a serpent that hung on the branches of the forbidden tree, proclaiming words to question His commands. The creature questioned His character for keeping something away that looked so desirable. The creature said that He was keeping it away because it would make them like Him, being all powerful and all knowing. This creature was cunning, and the representative doubted His commands not to eat.
The representatives took and ate what was not meant for them. All seemed surreal and wonder filled the air. I, a distant star, wondered with along with everything else: could this simple act of disobedience be overlooked? We all knew that it could not be overlooked. The perfect had doubted, the perfect had taken what was not meant for them, instead of receiving what was meant for them. Everything waited to see what He would do.
Evening came and He came down to visit his representatives like he had always done before, but something was very different. The representative was hiding. Being deceived by the creature brought confusion, fear and doubt and they thought they could hide. He called out to them, and as they shook in fear, all was made known. He had to step away and let his representative choose to serve the created creature or the creator.
He made a promise to be reconciled to his representives, and as a sign, he clothed them. He no longer walked with them in the evening, and the representatives were left to themselves and to their choice, which made it hard for them to hear Him.
As I watched with the others, things were happening and things were changing. I watched all the others marking the seasons, and over the whole world His representatives grumbled under the sky as their rulers rose and fell. The world was in turmoil and I sat and waited for His word.
Representatives multplied and grew in numbers year after year. So few thought of Him. All that the representatives wanted was to take for themselves, always taking and killing, never thinking of Him. Years turned to centuries and the representatives forgot who they were and turned to all kinds of false ideas which only caused more pain and death and loss. Kings ruled and nations rose and fell but no one seemed any better, all they wanted was more for themselves.
It seemed like there was no hope left and that maybe He had not any plan at all for His representives. But I remembered that I had instructions all these years as I sat in my dullness of light and waited. As I watched all the other lights make their way in their circuits, I just watched the world in its turmoil. It seemed all hope was lost. My instructions were to wait for His command, but I had waited for so long.
All at once I heard His voice: it was not loud but it was like a wave that all the stars and planets heard. This wave of sound resounded throughout the galaxy. It was a sound that was felt. He spoke to me and said TIME. No other star knew what it meant, but I knew and I began to shine. I outshined every other star in the night sky. He gave me a time to shine for all who would look up in the night sky to see, and I shone so bright that every one who looked at the night sky would notice. My shining was to proclaim the coming of the Savior of the world. He was going to send His Son to become a representative, so that all representatives could become sons and daughters through His Son. His Son brought all who would belive into sonship. He did this by paying the ransom for all acts of taking and killing, all acts of disobedience since the eating of the fruit. He paid this with a Son for all representives to become sons. This Son was the fullfillment of the promise that was made to the representatives so they could be reconciled to Him.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.” John 3:16-18