Laborers For the Harvest

Sandra Moats
Executive Director New Hope For Adopted International Kids
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Laborers For the Harvest
Harvest is a time of gathering, reaping and enjoying that what has been produced from planting and watering. Many want to enjoy the harvest, but few want to labor to bring it about. It is also that way in the harvest of souls. Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." Mt 9:37,38.
Smelling ripe fruit is one of the things I love about harvest time. Each year we plant a large garden, and enjoy the fruit of it. This year some of our children enjoyed harvesting our first crop of grapes. All summer long we watered and watched them blossom and grow, and now we have enjoyed the fruit of our labors. It takes labor to plant, water and reap crops, so it is with souls.
When I work in my garden I use it as a time to teach our children many lessons, such as the story of The Little Red Hen. The classic story of The Little Red Hen tells about her calling for others to help her. She found a wheat seed and planted it. Not the pig, cat nor dog would help her plant the seed, so she did it. She needed help with the cutting, threshing and grinding of the wheat, but none of them would help. She needed help making the bread, but none of them would do it. When the bread was cooked she asked who would help her eat the bread, and of course they all said they would. But she said, "No, I will eat the bread". I wonder what Jesus will say to Christians who refuse or are too busy to do their part in the harvest of souls.
The Bible says that Jesus is "the Lord of the harvest". Matt 9:38. He directs His workers, and will reward them. Every Christian is expected to take part in planting, watering and harvesting. "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."Mt 28:19,20.
Many times, my husband and myself as Pastors have cried out to the Lord of the harvest to send us laborers to help in the fields where we have worked. There is a great lack of laborers in the harvest field. Jesus gives us the solution for the lack of laborers. He said, " Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest." Mt 9:38. Lu 10:2. That word send used in those verses properly means "thrust forth". It is always better to go when you know you are supposed to go, but some have to be literally thrust out. So if that has happened to you and you find yourself here in north Idaho know this, you were thrust out for a reason. You are in a ripe harvest field that God has sent you to work in. Now do the work you were called to do.
Everywhere I look I see lost souls who are in need of Jesus Christ. We are on the brink of a great revival in this land and there is a real need of Christian laborers to step up and take their place.
In north Idaho, where I live there are many Christians who have moved here and really don''t understand why they did that. Over and over again I hear, "I don''t know why we are here." You are here to labor in the harvest of souls in north Idaho. We all have a part whither it be planting, watering or reaping. We are told to lift up our eyes and look at the fields so we can see that the fields of souls are ripe. You were not sent here to get away from people, or sit in meetings and enjoy the presence of the Lord, nor in your living rooms watching a good preacher not that there is anything wrong with that. But there is harvest work to be done here. Many have been prepared to receive the gospel. But many of His laborers have their eyes glued to their phones, TVs, and computers. There awaits a huge harvest in this area, but the laborers are few. Many have been praying that laborers would be forced out into this harvest field. Look past the cold and snow and see the harvest of souls that are ripe to come to know Jesus. Many in this area almost hibernate in the winter to avoid the cold. If you are going to do that hibernate where you can touch others for Christ.
Not only are we commanded to work in the world to bring souls into the Kingdom of God, but also we are told to pray and ask for the Lord Jesus to send out more workers to help with the great harvest of earth. Do not think we have a lot of time left for many signs are now lining up to the soon coming return of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth. John 4:35.
I have noticed some interesting things this year during the harvest of our garden. I didn''t pick all the blueberries on time and the squirrels came in and ate some before I got them picked. I didn''t get all my raspberries wired up properly this year and the harvest was not near what it was last year. I felt sadden that we didn''t get the full measure of our garden. It is important to work in the fields and gardens while the time is right, not when we get the time to do it. Souls are ready when the Holy Spirit says. He moves on His faithful followers to work and there comes a harvest of that soul. It is important that we are there to work in those fields at His word so He will not be sadden by the loss of souls for lack of our work.
The harvest of souls is now! Joh 4:35. Many laborers are praying for the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers. Harvest workers must get involved with the harvest. You can''t reap standing wheat without getting into the wheat field. God does not use combines, but He uses men and woman who are committed to Jesus Christ. The harvest is great before us; we have much work to do. Each of us needs to reflect within ourselves, will He say to me when I go home, "Well done good and faithful servant?" Lu 19:17.