Jesus-is The Band

This article is inspired by a dream that my friend Jim had several months ago. In his dream, we were in Heaven and Jesus was on stage performing for all of us. He was playing a drum solo and all eyes were on Him. I took this dream and, with a little creative ingenuity, expounded upon it. Enjoy! One day in Heaven, everything is quiet. No one is in their mansions, houses, or dwellings. The golden streets are empty and deserted. However, in the center of the Kingdom, there is a giant, domed coliseum where all of Heaven has gathered. The crowd is packed into the coliseum and there is not an empty seat in the house. Angels are intermingled among the people. Their presence only adds to the excitement because they have already seen this concert; now, they get to experience it with all of us! The darkened stage is in the center of the floor before everyone. There is a restless stir and a wave of murmur through the crowd as we watch the stage and detect movement. We cannot tell what is going on but our excitement and anticipation is growing. Then a spotlight from directly over His head illuminates a lone figure as He begins to strum a bass guitar and lay down a steady rhythmic beat. The crowd cheers and claps along with several whistles. The bass guitarist appears to ignore the crowd for the moment; He is completely focused on His work. Every strum of the guitar strings, every finger placement, every spacing of the beat and rhythm is absolutely perfect! A quiet hush falls on the crowd as this Master musician focuses on His art. As the bass guitarist sets the tone and temp, He lifts His head towards the spotlight with His eyes closed, becoming one with His music. It is Jesus! Then there is a slight rattling of the drum cymbals and another spotlight from overhead shines down on the drummer as He rattles the cymbals. Again, it is Jesus! Then Jesus the drummer joins in with a steady ‘thump-thump’ on the drums as He adds to the beat. As the intro is completed, a lightning cord is struck on the lead guitar and the lead singer lets out a rebel yell, the lights come up, the crowd goes wild, and fireworks and explosions flash all along the stage. Once again, the lead guitarist and the lead singer are both Jesus! Jesus the lead guitarist is running is fingers up and down the neck of His guitar as His fingers dance over the strings. It is simply mesmerizing! Now, the Band is in full tilt! Jesus the lead singer is belting out a soul-moving chorus of lyrics as He dances across the stage under a giant neon sign which reads: “I AM, the Band!” He continues to move around the stage twirling the microphone by the cord in front of him, around him, and over His head like a kung fu master. Then He catches the microphone and continues wailing out a classic rock-style song as the crowd joins in with singing, cheering, and whistling. Then the Band goes quiet except for Jesus the drummer who begins His drum solo. There are two sets of drums in a semicircle around Jesus, one on the floor and another set elevated above the first set. Jesus starts with a steady, rhythmic beat then begins adding an alternate drum beat here and there. Then He increases His pace little by little; soon His arms are moving in a blinding blur as He bangs out a soul-moving beat on the drums like a madman. As He moves with blinding speed it almost appears that He has four arms moving in an insane, incredible, unbelievable dance. By now the crowd is clapping, cheering, and jumping up and down. As the final cord is struck, the crowd erupts in an earth-shaking roar of praise and worship! Many angels launch into the air and circle above the stage and the crowd in a dizzying whirlwind. Some of them dive bomb the crowd or stage and then pull away at the last moment. It is crazy, it is amazing, it is insane, and yet it is perfectly ordered! The crowd continues to roar and cheer as Jesus the guitarists tune His guitars; this is more out of showmanship than anything else since everything He does is perfect and His guitars are always in tune. The Jesus the lead singer flashes a smile and, speaking into the microphone, addresses the crowd, “Thank you, thank you. You guys are beautiful! Hey guys we’re just getting started; we’ve got all eternity. So let’s enjoy!” The crowd comes to life as The Band starts Their next set! There are beach balls being bounced around all over the crowd. People everywhere are body surfing through the crowd; some are even doing stage dives into those along the front. A few angels land on stage, pull out a couple water hoses, and begin hosing down the crowd. It is complete and perfect pandemonium! So to you reading this, do you want a ticket to the concert of the ages? The Word of God tells us that if you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He lived a perfect life, that He died for your sins, and that He rose from the dead on the third day then you are just a step away. Confess and repent of your sins, turn to God, and ask Jesus Christ into your heart to be your Lord and Savior and then you will be saved. The blood of Jesus that washes away our sins is the ticket to Heaven, the concert of the ages, and our back-stage pass for all eternity!