Where is your hope

Where is your hope?
In a story by Daniel J., published on Breitbard.com concerning the fight: “But in the beginning of the evening, like kids on Christmas morning imagining from their beds a spaceship under the tree, thoughts of a guy who never boxed raising his hands above the still, prone body of one of the best guys to ever box will fill the heads of people not using theirs. We lose our minds when we embrace our hopes.”
How true it is. Even in Christianity we have a tendency to say more than we know or could ever prove just because we hope. If God would not have given us hundreds of prophecies to identify the one Christ as He came every generation would have had their messiah because we all hope He comes for us before we die.
Even with all the prophecy concerning His second coming we see the antichrist at every turn because we hope for the coming millennial reign of Christ.
We HOPE that the grace of God will save those who never responded to our prayers and pleading. We hope that God’s love will unite us with our pets in heaven. We even hope that God will make us wealthy because we trust that He will. Some trust that God would not send anyone to hell because He loves us all.
We hope that the world will unite; Our hope becomes our god.
This is why we must make Christians disciples of the Word; we cannot leave them to their foundationless hopes. As John tells us by his writing “…that you may know that you have eternal life…” As Paul explains that the antichrist can’t come until the restrainer is removed. As Jesus warns of the signs and seasons of His return we need not lose our minds when embracing our hopes
False teachers pray on the ignorant who want their ears tickled with promises of their hopes fulfilled. 1 John chapter 4 teaches us that a Spirit must correctly identify Jesus to be trusted, but many still listen to spirits that deceive. In Acts 17:11 Luke said the Berean’s used the scriptures daily to double check Paul’s preaching and they were not deceived.
Disciple people in the whole Gospel, that in the Gospel they might place their hope without losing their minds.