What a Fantastic Year!

Many of you support the paper monthly with ads or gifts. This could not have happened with out you! Thanks so much and God bless! For the past 11 months, my wife, Sue and I have been in a training school. The main reason I wanted to go is they are strong in self discipline. The difference between discipline and works of the flesh is choosing to do it for yourself, not trying to please God.The class consisted of: • 6 pm to 10 pm classes twice a week • Memorize 3 scriptures every week • Reading 12 Books • Reading most of the Bible • Attending Church & Life groups weekly • being discipled 1 hour a week • discipling someone 1 hour every week • Witnessing to at least 3 new people every week • 1 hour at least of prayer daily • 1 day fast every week longest personal fast • Three weekend retreats • Two week outreach (for us it was in Haiti) The class did help me with discipline. But the main thing it did was wake up all the different gifts and teachings that we have had over the years. I thought that we were going through a season that did not have as many healings and miracles as years past. Where God’s presence was so thick that the atmosphere felt heavy and I was not able to stand in His presence. Visions, dreams, words of knowledge and words of wisdom just flowing so naturally. But I was wrong! I was wrong! I had quit seeking Him with all that I am. If 1 hour prayer is not enough go for 2! If fasting one week is not enough go for 2! Many things happened during this year but things really exploded during the mission trip. The class broke up into 3 groups one going to Indonesia,one to Uganda, and ours went to Haiti. We were only there for 14 days and two of those days we took off. Yet we saw: • 176 People for the first time accept Jesus as Lord • 210 People Healed • 4 brand new Churches started with local pastors in training. • 3 churches were started by a group before us grew larger and stronger I don’t know how to write this every day had miracles in it. I guess I will just give some of the highlights. John the Baptist: Each tent city has it own feeling some are very open to the gospel Ashley, Abby, Davidson (our translator) and I were in one tent city asking if anyone was sick and needed prayer. Two young boys came up to us and told us their father was very sick we started to follow them. They went all the way through the tent city that we were in through a tent hospital Sainte Croiz Hospital annex into another tent city that had a market on the other side. No one knew there was a tent city back there. The boys started laughing and ran off and then the translator said they were teasing us. Two women had pain, one just a headache; the other some kind of pain in their eyes. There is a lot of problems with glaucoma and cataracts. Both of the women were healed and a group of people gathered around us. Abby asked if the group would like to hear about Jesus. They said yes and we told how Jesus gave His life for them and asked if any of them would like to receive Jesus and 13 said yes. We were backed into a corner with twenty people all around asking for prayer, with one translator. While I was praying for one woman the translator told me the man behind me was being touched by the spirit, while I had been praying. I looked to see who he was talking about and it was an older man with only one arm. I thought that if he would receive the gift of healing that he could have an important role in the church that looked like was beginning to form. I asked if we could pray for him to receive the gift of healing and prophecy so that he could help pray for the new church,he said he wanted to do that. So I laid hands on him. You could feel the spirit fall on him. Afterwards, I asked Davidson (translator) to get his name. When he told Davidson his name Davidson laughed. Then he told me his name was John the Baptist. So we got to pray for John the Baptist to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I encouraged him to start praying for the sick people. I prayed with him for the first two and they were healed. Then he started to pray for people by himself. The next 11 people he prayed for were healed. Davidson was listening to him pray and started laughing again. He said he was telling them the the healing they received was from the power of Jesus Christ and was meant to be a witness to them. vNone of us had been saying anything like that to him. Don’t know where he got it from except from God. Hallelujah!!!!!!!! One little boy who he prayed for had malaria and a very high temperature, body pain and a severe headache . God healed him and the boy left.. About ten minutes later he returned he said his temperature was gone and all the pain was gone but wanted to know why he felt drunk? A deaf woman was healed and then gave her life to Jesus . The translator before her healing had to yell for her to hear him but after she was healed the translator started whispering to her and she could hear him! Voodoo We talked with a voodoo priest who is considering Jesus. He asked many questions about the goodness of God and why there are so many churches. He believed that if someone became a Christian the voodoo could not harm them but if they had purchased a spirit (a demon or a ghost ) that he had to (pay it back?) before he could choose Christ, or the spirit would kill him. We got a word of knowledge that we needed to pray that God would reveal the truth to him in dreams, so he would know he did not have to pay back for the demon BEFORE he could accept Christ. Another woman who was in voodoo that I prayed for was healed I asked if she wanted to become a Christian. She said she couldn’t that she had accepted Christ and had been baptized before, but she was now using voodoo. She believed like the man that if she accepted Christ the demon would hurt her! I told her she was right she could not become a Christian again because she already was one. She needed to repent and pray for forgiveness. Her face immediately brightened as she prayed with me for forgiveness of her sin. She asked me to come and pray over her house. She gave me all of her voodoo junk and asked what if the demon came and bothered her. I told her to tell him she is a daughter of the King and for him to leave, in Jesus’ name . She immediately understood. Her smile was priceless. We then went into a field and the pastor, the translator and I burnt all the voodoo junk she had given to us Blind The most impacting story for me involves a 13-year-old girl named Sherlanda. The day before our service she professed Jesus as Lord and wanted to be baptized. We went to her family’s tent and her blind father baptized her. The Holy Spirit was so present! At our first church service we taught her how to pray for people to be healed and she totally caught the vision. She stayed by our sides the entire time and was so teachable. She saw multiple people healed Church On our third trip to the village we gathered the people and held a church service. Jesus has already raised up a church leader and he has begun to be discipled. During the service it was incredible to see the hand of God in action. Under a small tent, 75 people gathered to hear more about Jezi Kris (Jesus Christ in Creole). Billy, the local leader, boldly brought the word of the Lord. 12 people were saved, 18 people were healed, and one person was baptized. that day. 31 Healed We were out on Saturday, praying for healing. Since we did not have a translator, we took our Creole dictionary, and learned enough to say, “We are praying for sick people in the name of Jesus, bring them to us.” Then as they would lead us to sick people, Jesus would heal them. We would confirm and watch their faces light up. They would shout, “Halleluia Jezi Kris!” We saw 31 people healed in less than 3 hours - thank you Lord! 13 Saved Seeing the passionate and fiery love of God for all people to know about Jesus has blown me away. We were to have Sunday off. During the morning God told Aaron (one of the members of our team) that this was not a day off. Later in the morning Aaron and three of the girls on our team (Brisa Amanda and Ashley) went to find candy. While out in town in a Tap Tap (Haiti’s form of a taxi truck) they went to a store they knew of but it was closed because of the soccer game. They went looking for another store. They came across a traffic jam and waited on the Lord to see if they should get out or continue on theirride. They then exited and began to walk along the road and saw there was a major car accident. Prompted by the Holy Spirit they cross the street and begin to pray for God to raise up the dead man laying on the side of the road. After several prayers the group asked if there was anyone in the crowd who speaks English. A man from behind comes up and helps them translate. After speaking with the niece of the deceased man they figure out that he is already a follower of Jesus. Ashley felt a small pulse and then this peace fell hard that they all felt at the same time and there was no more pulse. Ashley got up and said this man knew Jesus and he is in heaven. If you died right now where would you go? 13 people came to the Lord after they prayed the sinners prayer. The peace suddenly left-- the police came up with machine guns, they walked a little way down the road and one of the drivers just showed up and gave them a ride back to where they were staying. That was just some of what happened in Haiti. Thank you Lord. You are not moving less. You are just beginning to move. Hallelujah!!!