Eating Utensils Duel Over Mealtime Supremacy

Fork, Knife and Spoon realized that each of them was designed to play a certain role in the Land of EatinOpolis.
For many years, the trio worked together as a team. Occasionally, they were asked to trade places for a special job. They discovered that Fork wasn’t designed to eat cereal, Knife couldn’t measure a spoonful of anything, and Spoon wasn’t very talented when it came to spreading jelly onto a slice of bread.
Eventually, Fork, Knife and Spoon began talking to their friends about their perceived importance.
“All our points are so shiny and sharp,” Fork told his buddies. “Knife and Spoon will never have what it takes to be one of us.”
Spoon rounded up his friends to discuss the situation. “Fork and Knife both believe they are our equals, and all of you know that Fork can’t even hold a spoonful of cereal, and Knife couldn’t snag a mouthful of buttery, creamy mashed potatoes if his life depended on it,” Spoon said.
Knife told the other members of the EatinOpolis Sharp Knife Society that spoons were “very shallow” and that forks had never been properly trained in the fine art of cutting butter.
Although Fork, Knife and Spoon had their differences, they realized that they had to continue doing their jobs, so they continued to serve Human Being, who was using them. Before long, however, they renewed their Eating Utensil Conflict, this time with much more intensity. Knife issued a challenge to Fork and Spoon. “Let’s have a contest to decide which of us is the most valuable eating utensil,” Knife said.
“Fine!,” exclaimed Fork. “But you have to be sure to let me make all of the points that I want to make.”
“I suggest we meet about 30 minutes before Human Being’s dinnertime,” said Spoon. “That will give us a little time to rehearse our moves before the contest.”
Fork, Knife and Spoon arrived at the appointed time. They practiced their fanciest moves, and soon they were ready for the contest to begin.
Human Being and his wife, Mrs. Human Being, began eating their meal. “I’m so thankful for all of God’s blessings,” said Human Being. “We even have these wonderful eating utensils with which to eat our delicious food.”
“You are so right, dear,” said Mrs. Human Being. “But there are things that forks, knives and spoons just can’t do.”
Fork, Knife and Spoon were all trembling when Human Being said, “So true, so true. Without this plate which holds all of this delicious food, Fork Knife and Spoon would be totally useless!”
“If you had only asked me, I would have explained my importance to you,” whispered Plate to Fork, Knife and Spoon. “I could have spared you all of this unnecessary embarrassment!”
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