Treasure Hunting

Monday God stirred my heart to share the Gospel with the lady that works at the cafe of the Robinson Tower (Baylor). I started a conversation with her in which she shared much pain and frustration about her life. I shared my testimony with her and asked her if she had a relationship with Jesus. I pulled out a track, walked her through it and she prayed to receive Jesus! She is planning to come to Life Group tonight! Something to think about: She has worked on Baylor campus for over 9 years and no one had ever shared the Good News with her - Eloisa

I saw a 14 year old today who I shared with before, and he said he prayed to receive Jesus on his own from a “steps to peace with God” I had given him. His brother had prayed to receive Jesus in clinic the other day, and his 10 year old brother heard the Gospel today and was reading “steps to peace with God”. May whole families come to know Jesus! - Kevin

Well, many have asked so here’s the story about Max. The day after Christmas, he looked like he was choking. So, Ed and some friends took him to the emergency vet. When they got there, they did an x-ray and discovered he wasn’t choking, but his stomach had flipped upside down. They don’t know how it happens, but sometimes it happens in large dogs and horses. So, they had to do an emergency surgery to save his life. So, Ed and I prayed about the decision because it would cost a lot of money and they said we had a 50/50 chance. We felt like we should go for it. So, we prayed and waited, and 2 hours later, the doctor came out to tell us that he made it, but it didn’t look very good. He still wasn’t recovering very fast. So, we prayed some more. Then, the next day, the vet called and said that he had drastically improved overnight. He had improved so much that we could take him home that day instead of 3 days later. When we took him to our vet, he said that it was a miracle that Max had made it!!! - Amanda

Yesterday during Kindergarten, I was telling them the story about our dog Max getting healed, and the conversation turned towards Jesus! It’as amazing how testimonies do that! Well, I told them about Jesus, taught them how to hear God, and it was awesome. 16 children responded. Then, after we started another assignment, 4 more kids came in that were late because of testing. So, I brought them to my desk and shared with them. They also prayed, and one little boy heard God singing! I love this! Go Jesus!!! - Amanda

I picked up a young man on my way back to work from a home visit. He works at McDonald’s and his car recently died. He walks to work almost everyday from Village Green Apartments on Lake Shore Drive to McDonald’s on Valley Mills. He is a believer and attends a local Spirit filled assembly. He is planning on joining the Army, but mentioned something about his back. So I prayed for his back and he was blessed. I got his contact info and am passing it along to my LG to see if we can help. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve! - Holly

This morning once I got to work my right knee started hurting. I didn’t think anything of it. About an hour later a regular customer came in and mentioned in conversation that her knee hurt from playing tennis. I chickened out of praying for her because someone else walked in the door. She even came back in to the store because she forgot her glasses, but I was on the phone. As soon as she walked out, for the second time, it dawned on me that my knee had been hurting and that I might have missed a divine appointment! I prayed, looked up and she was still in the parking lot!!! So, I walked out of the store, tapped on her window, and asked if I could pray for her. She excitedly said that I could. I held her hand and prayed a short prayer of healing. I asked how she felt and with side eyes she replied, “You’re not going to belive this, it feels better…much better!” She started bending her leg in and out of the car. She left with a smile on her face and told me she would come back tomorrow to tell me how her knee held up today while playing tennis and golf. :-)
Thank You, Lord, for choosing to use a broken vessel – and thank You for healing this woman! - James

Friday night Heather and I went to Wal-Mart and bought blankets and food for the Saturday outreach. While carrying the blankets up to our apartment, I noticed a homeless man walking down 4th St. It was extremely cold and I had a bag full of blankets in my hand. That, coupled with a 36 pack of chips, would have made it quite difficult to justify NOT going to the man. I finally caught up with him and began talking to him about Jesus. He told me that he once knew Jesus, but was very far from him. He kept saying that he felt so far away from God. I was able to answer his protests with the Word. He let me pray for him and he eventually rededicated his life to Jesus. He wanted to show me where he slept. He told me several times that he felt good and he felt at peace. He showed me the hedge between two buildings where he sleeps and said, “Jesus is not going to let me die in there.” - Thomas

Jeff and I were at the Wise’s house Jan.3, my mom called me about 30 minutes of being there to tell me that my Aunt had a heart attack and asked if we could pray for her. So we did. She had 75-90% damage to her heart. The Doctors were going to do a balloon surgery that night but found to many blood clots in her heart. So they put her in ICU and hooked her up to a machine to take the pressure off her heart, they also gave her meds to dissolve the blood clots. They waited a couple of days and decide to do more tests. The tests came back clear, she had absolutely no damage to her heart. The doctors said they were baffled at the discovery and that the Heart attack she had they call it a widow maker. So they sent her home friday with some meds to take. Praise God for healing. - Jessica

And during 5th grade today, the opportunity to share the gospel came through the same testimony about Max. 16 students prayed and asked Jesus into their hearts. Then, I taught them how to hear God. They were so amazed that God would talk to them, and I was amazed that I would have an opportunity to share with them. Thank you Lord for softening hearts and providing a way in the wilderness!!! - Amanda

During 4th grade, instead of getting cussed out or breaking up fights, the kids were really good. In fact, I got to share with them also about how God had performed the miracle of healing Max. Then, we prayed for some of their family members. This is the first day that this class has gotten to the assignment!!! Praise God! - Amanda

What a day! I was telling my first grade class about my winter break and told them how God did a miracle in healing our dog, Max. They were so excited about that, that I told them even better news about Jesus, and 16 children prayed and asked Jesus into their hearts. Then I showed them how to hear God and told them how they need to tell all of their friends and family because without Jesus, they’re still separated from God. They all nodded their little heads and drew their pictures for God.- Amanda

I saw a 17 year old kid in clinic today and the opportunity came up to ask him if he had a personal relationship with Jesus. He didn’t really know what I was talking about, so I shared the bridge illustration and he prayed to receive Jesus. I gave him a Bible and will have some chances to follow-up with him. Go God! - Kevin

Just now, during Kindergarten, one little girl was crying when she came in because her stomach hurt. So, I brought her up front and had the whole class pray for her. She didn’t feel better, so I asked if anyone wanted to come and pray for her. A couple of guys did, so they came up and I coached them. Then she felt better! So we all cheered, and in one boys words said, “Thank you Lord Jesus!”
Then, another little girl’s stomach hurt. So, I asked a couple of kids around her to pray. They prayed for her by themselves, and she got healed!!! Healing revival? So, I told them how they could pray anytime for each other and since Jesus is alive and lives in our hearts, we can do the same things he did. They all nodded and got a little too excited! Praise God! He is raising up an army! - Amanda

Also yesterday in Kindergarten, one little girl told me that her arm was hurting really bad, and that it had just started. So, another Kindergarten boy and I prayed for her, and it was immediately better!!! I love it! I told the class, and they cheered, and then I told them how the student helped pray, and that they could ask Jesus anytime to help someone feel better. They were so excited, and so was I! - Amanda

Yesterday in class, we got a new student. She’s in 1st grade, and her class started singing, “Joy to the World!” which was one of the songs they performed for Christmas. She said she had never heard that song, and through it, I was able to tell her about Jesus. 2 other girls helped me pray with her to invite Jesus into her heart. Then I told the class how she had just joined our family, and everyone cheered! What a great way to welcome a new student! Thank you Jesus! - Amanda

Over the break, I took my dog to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. When the vet’s assistant came out to get the dog, he bent down andput the leash. When he looked up, he said there were crosses in my eyes! He was so amazed, and remarked that he is truly blessed. So, I asked him about his relationship with God. He’s been trying to do things on his own, and I was able to tell him that I knew that wasn’t working for him because it didn’t work for me and because God wouldn’t have shown him crosses in my eyes if it were. He agreed, and I was able to encourage him to come to church. That’s an opener!!!- -Amanda

I had seen a 3 year old several months ago right after she burned her hand. I prayed for it then, and I saw her again today and her mom said that it did not blister or anything and there is no scar. Praise God!

Yesterday, while substituting at Middle School, I saw a girl wandering around in the halls. She was new and didn’t know where she was going. I told her I was new too and didn’t know my way around well, but I’d help her find her way. About 30 minutes later, I saw that she was in a P.E. class I was subbing and and shared the Gospel with her and she accepted. I prayed that she receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and asked her how she felt…”good” she replied with a smile! Whoo-hoo! Yeay God! - Michael Ann

Last night I was visiting with a friend and she said that she was having pain in her left wrist. It was painful to pick up her children or do other tasks. I prayed for her and the pain went away instantly! Thank you Jesus! - Michael Ann

Was out running errands with my mom on Wednesday. At our first stop, I saw a man in a van and I heard the Lord tell me to pray for him. Call me crazy, but I wasn’t going to walk up to a stranger in a van in a parking lot, so I prayed for him in my heart as we continued running errands. About an hour and a half later, while we were at the HEB, he walked past me on one of the aisles and the Lord quickened my heart, “pray now!” I stopped him at the end of the aisle and he was open for prayer.
His head was deformed and I asked him what had happened. He said that when I saw him earlier, he had just been beaten in the head with a 2X4 by his mother. He hadn’t gone to the doctor because he didn’t want to cause problems with his family. I prayed for his head and the swelling went down, and he could open his eye, but then I was able to see that his head was sunken in. He said that just two years ago, he was hit by and 18-wheeler and during his recovery, came to know Jesus. He was currently in need of encouragement because of his living situation and he didn’t have anywhere else to go. I continued to pray for him for the next 15 minutes as he poured out his heart of all the needs he had.
The presence of the Holy Spirit was there in the dairy section and he walked away in perfect peace…even the ladies who were demonstrating products in the area were blessed! Yeay God! - Michael Ann

A few weeks ago we had an operations advisor name David come from Arkansas to help out. While he was here I asked him how his family was doing and he told me his sister-n-law Nancy had just went to California and was about to go into surgery for clots in her pulmonary artery. I asked him if I could pray for her and he said sure. Well he called me today and said Nancy was doing fine and the doctor said that she healed faster than anybody who has had this type of operation.(which has been about 2000 people) David said he knew that the prayer had alot to do with it. Thank You JESUS for your Love and Healing Power. - Jason

Last week I had just parked my car at Walmart, when I noticed a woman in the truck next to me with her head in her hands crying. I tapped on her window and explained I was a follower of Jesus and asked if she knew Him too. She said that she did but was currently going through a lot of relationship problems. As I prayed for her, the peace of Christ filled her truck and the spirit of despair lifted. After we finished, she said with a huge smile across her face, “You don’t know what you have given me today.”
Jesus loves to love people (even in the Walmart parking lot)! - Liz

Last Tuesday at school, I got the opportunity to clearly present the gospel to my whole class. I explained it twice to make sure they understood, and then I asked who wanted to invite Jesus to come live in their hearts. A whole bunch of hands went up! I was so excited and focused on how to model praying the sinner’s prayer in Spanish (the whole 20 min conversation was in Spanish-I wanted them to really understand what we were talking about!) so I didn’t count the hands, so I’m not sure exactly how many of them prayed, but several of them did! It was so precious-all these little voices repeating the prayer after me! Afterwards, I asked them if any of them felt different and several of them said they did.
I have one particular student with whom I’ve had lots of difficulty and have been praying a lot for who was one who did pray to receive Christ. The next day I observed him respond differently to a situation that usually makes him angry-instead of getting frustrated he chose to help another child who was having trouble with an assignment! The Holy Spirit is at work in his life! Praise God! - Cat

I shared the gospel with a little boy in clinic and asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus in his heart, and he said he already has. I realized he goes to kindergarten at Amanda’s school! Praise God for her being a light in this school – go God! - Kevin

Tonight at LG a fellow LGer was limping around. She slipped on some water at work and hurt her knee. Several of us prayed for a while and the Lord healed her knee! She could bend it and bear weight on her leg free of pain. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!! - Holly

I prayed for a woman in clinic for her congestion to get better, and she said that it felt better and she could take a deep breath in through her nose. she was very encouraged right before Thanksgiving. Bring more healings, Jesus!
- Kevin
So, I picked up a metal lid that had been left on an electric burner that I didn’t know was hot. I heard my hand sizzle, and thought for sure that it would hurt for a while. I put ice on it immediately, but Michelle also prayed for me. I felt peace and wasn’t worried about it hurting or blistering, and later on that day i couldn’t even tell that I burned my hand – no pain, no blisters. Praise God! - Kevin

I was on my way home and saw a man picking up cans. I’ve been keeping granola bars in my car since the Poverty Simulation and thought it was the perfect time to finally get to use them. I gave him the whole box and found out that he is in Alcoholics Anonymous. He is currently pursuing his understanding of God outside of the Bible, but the Lord is pursuing him, even though he doesn’t quite recognize it yet. Go get him God!!!! - Holly

Saturday at Erin’s wedding reception one of my friends was not feeling well. So I prayed for healing. Her nose was immediately clear, the pressure in her head was gone, and her throat was no longer sore. Praise God for His healing! - Holly

Saturday, Nov. 14, I was in Dallas at an art conference. I had a couple of hours to spare so I took the train around. I just felt like I was supposed to. As soon as I got the the train station, the security officer, came and helped me buy my ticket. We talked, and I asked him if he had a relationship with God. He said, “No, but I really want one.” So, then I shared the gospel with him, and he gave his life to the Lord!!! How sweet it was for God to enter into this man’s life.- Amanda

I had the rare opportunity to venture out during lunch this week, so waited on the Lord for someone to share with or pray for on my trip to HEB to get stuffing. I had the sense that I would see a patient and to pray for back pain. On my way out I saw a patient and chased him down. He didn’t have back pain, but then his wife came out of the bathroom who has back and leg pain! I got to pray for her and share that God highlighted her for my outing. Go God! -Kevin

I shared the Gospel with a patient today, and he professed faith in Jesus for the first time! I prayed for him and talked with about coming to Antioch and getting established in the church. Go God! - Kevin

On my way out from work today while walking to the parking lot I shared a trac with man named Johnny. I asked him did he have a 100 (meaning real) relationship with Jesus and he said no . I shared my testimony with him and asked him if he would like to accept Jesus into his heart and he said yes. So we prayed and he asked the Lord to forgive him and to come into his heart! - Jason

On the College Station Outreach, I had a picture of a large black lady, and heard the names Louise and Jim. I saw the exact picture of this lady the next morning at the hotel. her name was Lily (starts with an L!) and her husband’s name was Jim. They were very excited that God had highlighted them, and I got to pray for them for healing from some recent surgeries and for refreshment. Then they prayed for me. How fun to hear from the Lord and see pictures that come to pass. Praise God! - Kevin

Almost forgot,-Monday before leaving for the outreach, on the evangilism assignment, Jason and I got to sharing with a guy named Pedro. Pedro went to school with Jason back in the day. Asked him about what he thought about Christmas, and he said it was just another day-shared with him why Jason and I celebrate Christmas and the gospel. Jason got to shar his testimony with him-when asked if he wanted to recieve Jesus-he said yes! Another brother in the Lord, thank you Jesus - Aaron

So on the Fall outreach to College Station, on Friday night, just minutes after meeting some guys from the church plant, I got to co-labor with them in sharing the gospel with a guy named Dorian,who tried to sell us burned cds. He was considerate and let us share with him but did not receive it.—-The next day a group of our girls ran into Dorian again, we invited him to the International BBQ and got to play games with him, I shared with him again and still he did not recieve it, due to the love that was displayed to him throught the team, he agreed to come to church on Sunday where the message was about the Outrageous love of Jesus. At the end, I asked if Dorian wanted to recieve the love of Jesus and if he wanted Jesus to come into his heart and change him-He responded YES-Thank you Jesus For our new brother!!!! I believe it was because the church was the church and he was consistantly loved by everyone. - Aaron

Tuesday, November 3, I was talking with some kids in my 2nd grade class, and the subject of Jesus came up while we were waiting for the rest of the class to get there. So, I gathered everyone around the table and shared the bridge. They all prayed and one girl started crying afterwards. She said she felt so good and so loved! Then, I showed them how to hear God. So, then the rest of the class came in, and I didn’t want them to miss out just because they had gotten in trouble, so I shared the gospel with them. Well, almost everyone prayed, but 2 girls began weeping, somewhat uncontrollably. After class, it took me about 15 minutes to calm them down. When I finally did, they said they just missed Jesus so much and wanted him to come back. Not something we had covered. So, I showed them how to hear God, and he told one girl, “I’ll never leave you, and I’m coming back,” and the other one he told, “I love you, and I’ll always be with you. Don’t be sad.” Can you say wow!!! - Amanda