WHEN YOU FEAR GOD, YOU CHANGE THE WORLD! And you need fear nothing else! When is the last time you heard someone say of a good man “He is/was a God-fearing man”? Time was to be a God-fearing man was synonymous with being “ethical’, “moral’, “honest”, sober and faithful. God-fearing men took care of their families, they were patriotic, they were the best employees and businessmen, and we hoped to find all that in our leaders and politicians. Proverbs 1:7 teaches us that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge(wisdom); Fools despise wisdom and instruction.” What kind of fear are we talking about here? Some would tell you it’s simply deep reverence, or awe. I think it’s more. I equate it with my own “God-fearing” father. A kind and gentle man who taught his children faith and respect and patriotism; however, if you failed to properly apply these things in his presence you would be subject to swift justice. I never doubted that I was loved and my love for him was well earned but every thought of disobedience was laced with the fear of consequences. And so it should be with God. People don’t fear God due, in part, to the fact that they see punishment as unloving. People who have a healthy fear of God see it as a most divinely loving act. We can learn this lesson from the stories of Israel in the Bible. When Israel feared their God the world feared Israel. When Israel turned from their God the world forgot their fear. We have this problem in America today. We were strong and feared among nations when we feared God. Today America is more concerned with political correctness and “Fear of the Lord” is not politically correct. God-fearing men are gone and in their place are proud and boastful men who follow the evil of their hearts desires rather than the commandments of God. I sat at a bible study last night listening to Christians debate the decline of our country and every cause for Americas woes could be directly traced to the pride of men and the absence of fear for the Lord. People will simply not do right without consequences. This is why we need laws and the enforcement of those laws. This is a biblical concept and allows for more freedom and liberty when we are self policing; when we desire to please God more than man. Church, it’s time for us to lead. It’s time to revive our past moral and ethical countenance. It’s time to fear God again. Strength comes from submission to God. We were strong because of God and we can be strong again with God. Remember the thief on the cross, who at his last hour realized the fear of the Lord and he was spared? This may be America’s last hour. Is our pride going to doom us to destruction? Maybe not if we turn back to God. Repentance, revival, and the fear of God in this nation might bring back His blessings.