a great victory

By Sandra Moats

Many Christians consider the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States a great victory. He stands for the will of the people who have been deeply concerned with the direction America has been taking. Through he has walked through a tough battle, and defied the odds, the battle has just begun to take back America, and as he has said to “make it great again”. The election was like a great earthquake across our nation, shaking it to the very core of our roots. Christian leaders across this nation rose up to lead our nation in prayer as never before in modern day history in the United States. But, this is just the beginning of the battle that lies ahead in order to regain our Christian foundation values for this country.
Many pastors have called for the flocks they oversee to get on their knees and pray for America. God has certainly taken notice of our hearts turning back to Him in areas where we have ignored previous warnings as a nation. Even though the voice of the people has been an election victory, we must stay on our knees for just as in the natural, when a great earthquake shakes the country it strikes; there is likely for a tsunami to follow. And so it is in the spiritual realm. Tsunamis are made up of a series of timed large waves with calm periods. So it is in the spiritual realm of America right now, with liberals planning their path to regain the country’s direction.
This is not the time to relax! 1Th 5:5-6. Christians, this is the time to bear down in prayer for our families and nation. This is the time to join hands with other Christians across denominations in prayer for our nation. This is not the time to disagree among us over man-made doctrines, but to join hands in prayers for our country and families.
Sometime ago I saw an old cowboy and Indians movie. While it was playing I was deeply impressed that this principle I was looking at was actually one that fits into Scripture. The solders were waging war with the Indians. They had no protection, so they dug trenches and got into them, so that they then had cover while they waged battle. The trenches that were dug during the election in America were the beginning trenches of prayer.
There was another part in that movie that I found interesting. They sent men out of the trenches to draw the enemy their way. Eph 6:18. They would catch their attention and ride their horses back to the trenches. After reaching the trenches, they jumped off their horses and joined those in the trenches to fight along side of them. Then those in the trenches shot down the enemy as they came to them.
That principle is a war strategy for Christians to think about as we wage spiritual battle for the direction of our country. We need to send Christians into areas such as political positions of influence, where they must enter and then run back to those in the trenches for the prayer cover to gain the victory for our nation. Ps 10:15-17.
Building trenches of prayer is a need within every church in America. Building them alone will not gain the victory for our nation. Jumping in those trenches and attending prayer meetings are a necessity. We must join hands with others who are in prayer trenches, so those trenches are joined across denominational lines and rooted within America. Ro 12:12.
Churches who refuse to pray with other churches are ignoring the rising tsunami that is coming for America. God is not interested in Christian competition or opinions. Competition and opinions only pave the way for the rising tsunami in this nation. Do you really think those who have worked for years to turn America in other directions rather than a Christian nation will give up? We are merely in the stage where the liberal tsunami is preparing and rising. If Christians leave the trenches now our nation will become a nation of the past. This victory does not rely on a President or his cabinet, but it relies on the repentance and prayers of God’s people in the trenches who are praying.
For those of you already in the prayer trenches, stay in the prayer trenches, dig down deeper with prayer; and read your Bible. Mt 26:41. For those of you who are not in the trenches, find one. In your home you can lead your family into the prayer trenches. Join together daily as a family in repentance and prayer. Open your home for a prayer meeting with other families.
Reach out to other Christians who are in the trenches praying, and work to build a strong working network of prayer within our nation. Throughout the Decision America Tour, Franklin Graham led hundreds of thousands of Americans in prayers of repentance for their individual sins, the sins of their families and the sins of the nation. “Because the only hope for America is if God’s people repent of their sins and call upon His Name,” Franklin said. Take a few minutes today to search your own heart and to ask God for forgiveness.
A lesson should have been learned following 9/11. Christians flocked to the churches. There was much prayer for our nation. But three months later our church attendance and prayer groups were back to where they were before 9/11. The warning was ignored. We had a time to prepare and dig trenches, but instead Christians floated back to normal life and our nation has walked into no longer being a Christian nation. We can again be a Christian nation if we will turn from our wicked ways and seek His face. The promise is He will heal our land. I Ch 7:14.
Pastors it is important for you to lead your flocks in taking hands with other pastors in your city or town. I Peter 4:8. It doesn’t mean you have to believe everything the same, but we can all agree in the fact that Jesus is the way to the Father. John 14:6. Christians must not be fragmented, but rather joined together in prayer for our nation.
Brothers and sisters, God alone holds the destiny of America in His hands, but He has made a way for us to take part in His plan through prayer and following in His footsteps.
As we pray and follow, He will lead us into places of influence that we never thought would be possible. Ps 2:2. I believe that God will send a great revival to America that will be fanned by the prayers of His people set in positions of His choosing. Lu 18:1. Will you step up and fulfill your part? I Peter 4:7.