I Sing Because I''m Happy!

I Sing Because I’m Happy!

Jesus Did It!

By: Mary E. Adams

One day I was down in Florida visiting my kids. Ruth, my daughter-in-law, had an old piano...seldom played. But I felt like playing and got out an old hymnbook and was enjoying myself when suddenly my granddaughter, Rebecca, climbed up on the bench beside me. “What are you playing, Grandma?” she asked. “A hymn”, I replied. “What is a hymn?” “These are old songs that people wrote long ago...songs about Jesus” I answered her. “Play some more, Grandmother...those are good! I like them!” she said. Then it struck me...I realized she had never heard them in her entire life...all she knew were the new choruses, as they did not play hymns in her church. How sad that a generation had not been touched by those old, glorious songs...most of which were written during the days of great revivals two hundred years ago.

When I was in Scotland, we visited in a home of some Christians. The church we ministered in was very old, and though it was a building that could have seated several hundred, only a few remained. But we preached with anointing, and the people were so thrilled because they were feeling the “Old Time Religion” in their midst. They wanted and hungered for more...so they invited us to their house. Way into the night we shared and sang songs. There were tears and many sat as if they were lost deep in their thoughts....remembering those special times in the presence of the Lord. I will never forget it.

Scotland, England, Wales...all those countries had witnessed those great revivals and heard men of God such as Wigglesworth, George Mueller, John Wesley. The fires of revival had swept Europe and eventually came west to our shores. The drunkard left the saloons, the wayward found the beacon, the hurting and oppressed walked in new found joy. Those hymns poured forth from the hearts of men and women overcome with deeply personal experiences with God.

You and I are surrounded by so many things that try to take the place of “A closer walk with Thee”. We seek relief in so many ways...in pursuit of pleasure, in new relationships, in the newest toy, in whatever money can buy. Years later, one can find most of these discarded treasures in garage sales or in divorce courts. All too soon we find ourselves old, without ever possessing anything that brought us peace and lasting joy. Like a heavy blanket, depression soon overtakes us, amid fears and desperation. We feel swallowed by the darkness which always torments us.

“Only those things that reach deep into the heart of man and touch his spirit will remain forever.”

There is a reason for this. If we become consumed by what is new, fanciful, and delightful we may enjoy it for a season...yet all things are subject to the scrutiny of time. Only those things which reach deep into the heart of man and touch his spirit will remain forever. And if we fail to discover them, we have nothing but emptiness to consume our limited time on this earth.

On a subway in Tokyo I was sitting with friends that had come to the airport to meet me and take me to their home. We were all so joyous and excited to see one another again...because of our bond of friendship in the love of Christ. As we carried on, a Japanese man had been watching us across the aisle. Suddenly, he came over to us and asked a question. “I am puzzled” he said. “Why are you all so happy?” It caught us off guard, but we answered, “because we have Jesus Christ in our hearts and He brings us joy”. Then he said a remarkable thing, “I am a psychiatrist. I have never been able to make anyone happy like all of you”. We had the wonderful privilege of sharing with him how this treasure could be his also.

Perhaps you already know God, but you find yourself doubting His faithfulness. Have you strayed away from His heart, looking at things of this world as answers? Look at the things you have already discarded, thrown away, and ceased to love....because they were Band-Aids on an open sore.

But there is an answer that does not come from this earth...it comes from above.

I have discovered the faithfulness of God

In the midst of my present sickness, I can truthfully say that I am completely happy! Why? Because, as a Christian, I have discovered the faithfulness of God.

No...it has not kept me from trials and disappointments....God loves me enough to strengthen my faith in Him, and so allows them, for my good. But God always brought me into a safe haven and the end was always a treasured testimony of this faithfulness. His Word has promised that” all things work together for GOOD to them that are called, according to His promises.” I may not understand why I am going through something that is painful and exhausting, but I know that from the beginning, my illness is for my good...and one day He will tell me why it was good. “Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life...” These are words that are deeply implanted in my heart and spirit...they are the light bulbs I switch on every time darkness comes along. He will never let go of my hand!

Friend, are you in the midst of much trouble? Are you fearful and anxious? Are you “at the end of your rope?” That too is GOOD! Because now there is an opportunity for you to do as I have learned to do! It began long ago with a confession and repentance for my sins and a calling unto Him, my Heavenly Father to forgive and save me. I meant it with all my heart. And He did...because He is faithful to His word. And so, as I drew near to Him, He did the same to me. I began to live in His faithfulness...it has stood that test of time and remains in me today. A new song was written in my heart that I will sing forever, Amazing Grace...how sweet the sound!

So it is no wonder that this old woman keeps singing.

Mary E. Adams