God is Moving in Waco

I recently heard reports of 2 people that I have shared the full Gospel with at work give their hearts to Jesus at a later time – one through a youth group, and another on his own. A simple testimony that every seed we sow has a chance to grow in God’s time. Go God!
Posted Sep 7, 2009 by Kevin

Several of you prayed for my eyes at the retreat, and now I have been able to wear my contacts (that I see much better with than my glasses) without the pain and irritation that I have had for the past 6 years. It feels like I have new eyes from Jesus!
Posted Sep 7, 2009 by Kevin

Liz and I went and visited one of our neighbors (single, older woman) and her granddaughter was there too. We prayed for both of them and found out that the granddaughter had not accepted Jesus as her Savior, although they go to church. The granddaughter prayed a prayer of salvation with Liz and I and now she’s in the kingdom! Praise be to God!
Posted Sep 16, 2009 by Emily

After being prayed for at the retreat, the Lord healed my eyes. I haven’t worn glasses since that Saturday evening. I’ve also noticed significantly fewer floaters in my eyes as well! Supas bo Xwa! Thanks to God!
Posted 9/16/2009 by Holly

Tonight, I went treasure hunting with my Life Group. After we got back and shared stories, I decided to go out again with two other girls based on a word that two of us had received. Tried to find a Katherine at Jamba Juice, but they were closed. We then went to Pei Wei and knocked persistently until they let us in. One of the cooks through a translator (walking with the Lord) decided to follow Jesus! Praise God!
Posted 9/16/2009 by Holly

Went to Rally the Valley after the Feast, got to see a man rededicate his life to the Lord! Felt God was speaking overwhelming peace in his life. Go Holy Spirit! He is daily continuing to deepen my love for Him!
Posted 9/20/2009 by Aaron

Healings today my Cube!!! A young girls ear was hurting all night and she came in today for advice on health clinics to go to. Missy and I prayed for her, nothing happened at first and it still hurt. So we keeped praying and both Missy’s and my hands became really hot, then the girl said that her hear feels like it’s on fire so we kept praying and asked her how she felt now, she said the pain is gone! Thank you Jesus!
Posted 9/25/2009 by Edward

2 weeks ago the Lord told me to go to Starbucks. I went and a lady came up and started talking to me. She shared her whole life story with me. She had fibromyalgia and deep depression and was considering returning to a mental facility. I told her that Jesus wanted to set her free. She knew Jesus, but didn’t believe that He wanted to do that for her. We talked for 1.5 hrs. She called me 2 days later, excited and tearful. She said she woke up the next day with no pain (the first time in 10+ yrs) and with a marked change in her depression. She said she could feel Jesus at work in her. She now has no doubt that Jesus heals, delivers, and loves her!!! Praise God!!!!
Posted 9/28/2009 by Ashley

Tonight at the celebration service a member of my life group asked for prayer. She had been having some trouble with her eyes for the past two weeks. She was taking medication for it, but it left her feeling dizzy and in a fog. We (another lifegroup member and I) prayed for her and she was healed! Praise God!!!
Posted 10/1/2009 by Holly

Several of us from my LG went to the Hillcrest South ER to pray for people. We met Lisa and her two children Kyla and Sean. Kyla and Sean prayed to receive Jesus, and I invited them to come to church.
Posted 10/1/2009 by Michael Ann

During the poverty simulation, our team ended up over on Ross and 10th. We were weary and thirsty! We met a woman named Frances and asked her if she could give us a drink of water.
Frances invited us to sit on her front porch as she brought us water to drink. We shared the Gospel with her. Because she didn’t speak English very well, Brisa translated for her and she prayed to receive Jesus right there! She also agreed to visit the Spanish- speaking life group.
Posted 10/1/2009 by Michael Ann

On the weekend of the 26th-went to a wedding got to share with two ushers that were in the wedding, shared the story about the prostitute that was about to get stoned by the pharisees. shared that Jesus would love someone no matter what they did- even them. I feel like even though there was no response that it really hit home, I pray that they would be visited by Jesus.
Posted 10/1/2009 ago by Aaron

Two weeks ago a friend from college and her mom visited Waco. She had been living with hypoglycemia for over a year, struggled with serious anxiety, AND had a ruptured disc in her neck.
In His presence there is healing. A group of us prayed and her hypoglycemia, anxiety, and neck were all healed! It gets better… she called last week to tell me that three weeks before she came to Waco she met with her neurologist who had shown her the ruptured disc in her neck on her X-ray and explained how she would definitely need surgery. That same neurologist called her back last week to tell her that he randomly looked back at the same X-ray and discovered that in fact NOTHING was wrong with her neck!
Jesus changes X-rays because He can
Posted 10/2/2009 ago by Liz

On Wednesday, I was passing out coloring sheets to my Kindergarten class, and one little boy said, “Thank you Lord Jesus!” We talked about who Jesus is, but they didn’t know about the cross. So then I told them the story about how Jesus was so powerful he calmed the sea and about how he healed people because he loved them. Then, I went through the bridge diagram on the whiteboard. Every child was engaged except for maybe 4. So then I said, “Raise your hand if you want to ask Jesus into your heart to be your savior, forgive your sins and be the boss of your life.” Almost the entire class raised their hand. So then I led them in the salvation prayer. After I said, “Amen,” the entire class began clapping and cheering! Thank you Jesus!
Posted 10/2/2009 by Amanda

Then on Thursday, I was in my first grade class walking around while they were finishing their project, and I heard a table singing the song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Another opportunity! So, then I asked them if they had heard of Jesus. One girl had, but the others hadn’t. So, I told them about Jesus, and then I saw about 3 other kids from another table staring, so I invited them over. I showed them the bridge diagram on the back of my grading sheet, and 7 out of 8 of those children prayed to receive Jesus. After, I asked them how they felt, and they said they felt really “fun!” One of my favorite answers! Praise the Lord! He is moving in Power!
Posted 10/2/2009 by Amanda

And today, the P.E. coach was telling me how she over-extended her knee, and it was really hurting her. So, in the middle of class, I prayed for her. The swelling went down, she had more movement than before, and she said it felt much, much better! Praise the Lord!!!
Posted 10/2/2009 by Amanda

Divine Appointment- A patient at work today who had fallen back into drugs told me that she was down and felt darkness around her. She said she asked God to help her get through today and that she would never do drugs again. I prayed for her and she felt the Holy Spirit on her, and I did too! She said she felt better, she felt the darkness leave, and was ready to turn away from her old life and live for Jesus! God really sets up divine appointments for us!
Posted 10/3/2009 by Ashley

I saw a lady in clinic for the first time with ankle pain for the past several years, and she was obviously very frustrated that no one has been able to help her. I offered to pray for her and her ankle felt better immediately. I prayed 2 more times, and she walked out of the clinic without a limp and noticeably touched by God. Go God!
Posted 10/5/2009 by Kevin

We got home tonight and my legs were extremely sore because of our Men’s Sports Day today. It has been painful since this afternoon to lift my legs up more than a couple inches off the ground while seated. I was complaining and Allison said, “Be healed in Jesus name!” – and my pain went away! I began kicking my feet up and down and running around the room with only a tiny bit of discomfort in my quads! Praise the Lord!
Posted 10/6/2009 by Noah

I came to class last night in a cloud from some cold medication I had taken. During worship, Ashley prayed for me and the cloud disappeared! I was able to fully function and get into the lesson as Fred was teaching. (When I got home, I read the box and realized that I had taken a double dose! Posted 10/6/2009 by Michael Ann

I shared with a guy at Starbucks this past Sunday afternoon. He shared about how he has had a hard life filled with death, disease, and destruction in his immediate family, and in his own life. Since trying to commit suicide, he now lives in Waco with his grandma and has no community. We conversed over coffee about theism, atheism, and agnosticism for a while and I prayed that God would heal him and reveal himself to him in the coming week and scheduled a time to meet him today. Well, we just met up and that Sunday night he decided to go to church with his grandma. Does God answer prayers? That night at church he had a powerful encounter where Spirit of God came upon him and he began weeping and manifesting demonic spirits from his life – AND HE GAVE HIS LIFE TO JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD!
Posted 10/10/2009 by Noah
I was subbing for a class on Friday and I shared the gospel with the whole class. I drew the bridge illustration on the board and at the end asked if anyone would like to receive this free gift. All but one of the students prayed the prayer out loud with me. Afterward, one of the little boys was so excited he said he was going to go home and tell his mom that prayer.
Posted 10/12/2009 by Amanda

Just saw 8 people come to Christ to day at Super Plaza and the Exxon Gas station! One lady was healed of her cold and we had several divine appointments with believers from other churches in Waco at the Super Plaza!One man came into the store, found us and said “I’ve never been into this store before but God moved me to come in.” We prayed for him and encouraged him!
Posted 10/12/2009 by Brian

Last Monday, one of my 1st grade students was coloring a Christopher Columbus boat, that had a cross on one of the sails. He said it made him think of Jesus, so then we began a conversation and he never heard the full story of Jesus. So I shared it with him, and he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart. After that, he was much calmer and the next time he came, he didn’t get in trouble! This is a big deal because when I had him last year and this year, he got in trouble a lot. Praise God! Life transformation
Posted 10/12/2009 by Amanda

Sad testimony: Wednesday, one of my kindergarten students died at school when a coat closet fell on her during P.E. Fortunately, she was one of the students that had prayed the week before to invite Jesus into her heart. God knew and prepared for her a week in advance. Please pray for her family and the P.E. Coach.
From this, I was able to talk to my asst. principal at my other school about what had happened and when I shared about how she got saved, she began crying and praising God.
Posted 10/12/2009 by Amanda

Thursday, the opportunity presented itself to share the gospel with 2 different tables of 1st grade. All 7 kids were saved from this! When, I began to say that now nothing could separate them from God, one little boy (that gets in trouble a lot) said, “But what if I be bad?” I told him nothing could separate him and that he could even hear God now. So, I told him to close his eyes and listen. When he opened them he said, “He said he’s gonna help me be good!” He heard God!
Posted 10/12/2009 by Amanda

Today, I saw 3 5th graders come to the Lord! They were coloring a picture of the Santa Maria, which had a cross on the mast. One girl asked me how to draw a cross like it, so I showed her, and then I also showed her the bridge. They really liked it. They prayed to receive Jesus, then I showed them how to listen to God. One girl heard God say, “Hi. Go to church.” The two other girls both heard God say “I love you.” Then, later in the class, they were drawing on the back of their paper and writing, “God is my savior” and “God is my hero.” Praise the Lord!
Posted 10/13/2009 by Amanda

We had the words Shell Station & Healing on Monday night. We encountered a guy named Dave from one of my Psych classes. We shared Jesus and prayed for healing for pain he has been seeing the doctor two weeks for. Excited, he told me today that our prayer worked – when he got in the car his pain went immediately from an 8 to a 2! I told Dave that Jesus is after his heart – so exciting!!!
Posted 10/14/2009 by Noah

Wow! I love teaching art! I’ll try to be brief. My first grade class got saved when one little boy freely drew crosses all over his paper. They all said they felt “really, really, really, really good” after. Then, kind of a weird day after that until 2nd grade came. One little boy that gets in trouble brought his Bible and announced it for the whole class. They got saved- all except for one boy. Then they drew pictures about what God was saying to them. Incredible! Then 3rd grade came, 2 boys were arguing, and one saved girl at the table asked me if she should tell them about what we talked about last Friday, about God. Absolutely! So, she shared, it brought up questions, I shared on the board, they gave their life to the Lord, heard God, drew pictures. Some highlights of what they heard from God:
“I love you”
“Don’t fight anymore”
“Behave in school”
“I’m your Father”- from a boy that lost his father 2 years ago
“I’ll help you when it gets hard”
Praise the LORD!!!!
Posted 10/15/2009 by Amanda
Yesterday a lady in a motorized wheelchair came into my store. I struck up a conversation with her and could tell that something was wrong (emotionally as well as physically). I probed a little more and found out that her husband has Parkinson’s. She let me pray for the both of them and started crying. “You have helped me so much!”, she said over and over as she left. A couple of hours later she came back to the store and asked me to pray over her again. I prayed for healing, peace and that she and her husband would be reminded that they are not alone. She wasn’t healed, but left touched by the kindness of God.
Posted 10/15/2009 by James

So Monday during our Treasure Hunt Nick Barnard received a name “Charles” and we asked everyone we met if that was their name and found no one. The next day a man walked up to the church office and asking for help, Donna at the front desk called me, I met with him and talked, I asked him if he had ever asked JESUS into his heart he said No. I went through a track with him and he asked JESUS into his heart. And oh yes…his name was “Charles”…Thank you Nick for hearing GOD!!!
Posted 10/15/2009 by Edward

I recently put my truck up for sale. I had a guy come from Dallas to see it. After he drove it, we got to talking and he started telling me about his life, his family, and his marriage. He said that his wife was a Christian and he would go to church with her and his son but really wasn’t sure about where he stood with GOD. I briefly told him my testimony and shared steps to peace with him and he accepted JESUS into his heart that day!!! He also said that even if he didn’t buy the truck that this was the real reason he come to Waco…And yes he did buy the truck.
Posted 10/15/2009 by Edward

Last night at LG we discussed Nate’s message and everyone spoke of all the peace that they had after receiving JESUS into their hearts. GOD was prompting me to ask if there was anyone that wanted that peace and had never asked JESUS to come be LORD of the life. SO I did, and AMEN there was a man Joseph who spoke up, he prayed to accept JESUS into his heart and then we all prayed over him to get baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT!!!
Posted 10/15/2009 by Edward

After Rick Joyner – I went to study and read for school. Even though I planned to go to MCC, I felt the Lord say go to Starbucks – so I asked why? He said, you will meet a man wearing a long-sleeved green shirt. I pulled up and guess who walked out the door of Starbucks…a man in a long-sleeved green shirt. Adam had been Baptist, and has never known you could have a personal relationship with Jesus. I was able to encourage him with this Good News and pray for his weekend. He was blessed to be chosen by Jesus today!
Posted 10/17/2009 by Noah

When I was in 6th grade, I was in a car accident and a few discs in my back have been out of place ever since—meaning it’s hurt ever since. I honestly didn’t know what if felt like to “not hurt.” Last night, I felt prompted to ask for healing. A couple girls prayed over me and I was completely healed. COMPLETELY! whoa!
Posted 10/17/2009 by Davin

This is a follow up of Kevin’s eye-healing testimony from back in August (he’d had a condition that was similar to grains of sand on the back of his eyelids that caused great discomfort, but he was healed at the retreat). Yesterday, he went back to the eye doctor for a check up, and the doctor confirmed that all the “grains” are totally gone! Go God!!
Also, I have had a huge breakthrough in my mind after last night. I woke up this morning and for the first time in maybe 10+ years, my mind was clear and totally at peace. I haven’t felt this free and loved by God in a very long time. So, so, so thankful.
Posted 10/17/2009 ago by Michelle

Monday at the treasure hunt, I heard “Caroline” but we never met her. I went on another treasure hunt Wednesday night and heard the name, “Gayle” but didn’t meet her either. I was discouraged and believed the lie that I didn’t hear from God. After hearing from Steve Backlund last night, I repented for my unbelief.
This morning, I was spurred to pray for a woman I saw at Shipley’s. I ran outside to catch her and asked to pray for her. She agreed and I introduced myself, then I asked her name. It was “Gayle”! I began crying and told her I had been looking for her for two days! I prayed for her and believe that she was healed. She is a believer and was encouraged by our encounter.
To make matters better, tonight at the Feast, as I was leading worship for the children, there was a new little girl visiting with her two brothers and a neighbor. As she stood before me, she wore a nametag plastered across her chest that read…get this…”Caroline”! I shared Jesus with her after dinner and she asked him into her heart! Not only Caroline, but her brothers Cesar and Antonio as well as their neighbor, Jr. and another little girl KeKe! 5 children came to Jesus at the Feast tonight!
Watch out Amanda I’m catching up to you! (A little friendly competition encouraged by Rick Joyner…)
Posted 10/17/2009 by Michael Ann

Thursday, I had a Kindergarten class, and I was walking around watching them color. I got a little bored with it, so I asked God to provide an opportunity. Then, one little girl said,”Mrs. Espinosa, could you show me how to draw a cross?” Perfect, so I shared the gospel, and it is still such a miracle when a class of Kindergarteners stops coloring and are quiet and paying attention all at once. So, I had them walk to me to pray, they prayed in a little huddle, and they got so excited they began hugging each other. Then, they heard God!
Posted 10/18/2009 by Amanda

The next class that Thursday was a first grade class. I don’t remember how I began to share, but at the beginning, the same 7 kids that got saved 2 weeks before said, “Quiet guys! You have to hear this! Jesus lives in our heart now!” Great introduction! So, then I drew the bridge on the board, and they loved it. They came to pray to ask Jesus into their hearts in a “huddle formation” and then they started laughing and cheering. When I was saved at the age of 6, I got in trouble for getting too excited, so I always let them get excited. Sometimes, we might get too loud, but it is so fun!!!
Posted 10/18/2009 by Amanda

The last class of the day is 2nd grade, so I had 3 students stay after to help me clean up. They began to tell me stories, and then one little girl said, “i want to hear you tell me a story.” So, I told them a story. They asked Jesus into their heart, and so then we were listening to God afterwards. Then, one little girl kept laughing and interrupted another little boy. He asked her to be quiet, and she said, “I can’t stop laughing, and I don’t know why!!!” So, then, i explained to them about the Holy Spirit. Haha!!!
Posted 10/18/2009 by Amanda

Friday morning, I woke up late, but had really wanted to read the declarations out loud. So, then in 1st grade class, the one that got saved 2 days before, we reviewed what we learned about Wednesday. They said, “Jesus! We asked him into our hearts! God lives in my heart!” That’s right! So, then I asked them if they wanted to hear truth about what the Bible says about them now. They cheered and said yes. So, I read the declarations and they repeated me. Then, since I had so many believers in my classroom, we blessed the classroom in Jesus’ name, blessed our school, blessed our families, and each other. The rest of the day was so peaceful in my room after that! Praise God!
Posted 10/18/2009 by Amanda

I was so encouraged! The 3rd grade teacher whose class got saved on Wednesday said she couldn’t figure out what was different about her class. They’ve been acting different. Since she’s a believer, I told her about what I’ve been doing. She got so excited and said she has really seen a difference since Wednesday!
Posted 10/18/2009 by Amanda

this weekend Jenny and I were able to go visit my family in Missouri. Last night we were praying for my Papa and while we were I saw a picture of a wall full of license plates and then a torn american flag. later that night after much debate over where to eat, we went to a restaurant and sat down in the middle of a room that had license plates all over the wall. i kept looking all over the place for a torn american flag but couldn’t find it until i looked up and there it was hanging from the rafters right above my head. God just said He’s got everything under control. Word.
Posted 10/18/2009 ago by Josh

we also went to a family reunion today and were able to share a bunch of testimonies of God showing up in our midst. Before we left we felt like God said he wanted us to come and breath fire on people. So far this trip we have been able to pray for people with: a sinus infection, athritis in their hands, my papa’s back, a guy with parkinsons (sp?), and a guy with a really hurt foot and a back that was all messed up.
Posted 10/18/2009 ago by Josh

Ok, today after church, went to Wal-mart with Richard and Brian , God’s power in peace and presence fell, saw 4 salvations, one named Zach, a couple-Caroline and Joel, and a guy Named Richardo. I personally got to lead Zach into a relationship with Christ-He was in the CD isle looking for music, richard told me to go talk to him and he was really soft, he had a gentleness about him-A real person of peace-Thank you lord
Posted 10/19/2009 by Aaron

Well, well, well… We had a family stay with us on Friday night after the Feast. It was very difficult for me because the mom did not like her 3 little boys. She had such short patience with them the whole time. Well, they came to a cookout we had Saturday and church on Sunday and dropped by our house last night. While Ed set up a place for them to stay, we ate and I asked the mom if she had a relationship with God. She said she used to, but one day she knew she would understand and know God. So, I told her Today was the day! Then, I shared some of my testimony, showed her the bridge, and she prayed to ask God into her heart. After, she said, “Wow. I feel peace, love and joy like I’ve never felt before.” Immediately you could see a difference in how she responded to her children and her husband. They both got so excited and got chills and then they heard God. God loves to redeem families and heal broken lives!!!
Posted 10/19/2009 by Amanda

For the past week had a pretty intense cough and chest congestion. Sunday night only slept a couple of hours because of the discomfort/wheezing. After class yesterday Davin prayed for me and I was able to sleep the whole night and my chest feels so much better, the cough has really improved and I can breathe again! Thank you God! :)
Posted 10/20/09 ago by Brisa