I am paraphrasing what my daughter posted on face book:
ďIf you have $86,400 and someone stole $10 would you throw the other $86,390 in the trash to get back at the person who stole $10 from you or would you just move on? You have 86,400 seconds in a day donít waste a second more fretting over ten seconds of rudeness or negativity. ď
I think this is what God wants from us because I think itís what He does for us. We sin, we regret, we repent, MOVE ON! Donít waste your life or Godís time crying about it. Spend that time being thankful and full of worship and praise that He offers incredible grace!
Want to get even for a rudeness or cruelty, forgive them and let it go. If someone hurts you intentionally they want more than ten seconds they want to impact your life, DONíT LET THEM!!
American society today is full of people watching and waiting for some person, whether out of spite or ignorance, to say something that isnít politically correct. Seems like most people are willing to dedicate a significant portion of their lives responding to the rudeness with more hatred and rudeness. Let it Go!!! Let God deal with them, pray for them, and donít let them steal your joy!
Jesus said if someone wants your shirt give to him you coat as well. If someone makes you walk a mile stretch it out to two miles and do it with joy. Give to those who take from you and you reverse the effects of their intention.
When I was in college and living in the dorms a fellow Stole $8 dollars and my watch out of my pocket while I was in the shower. He was a tough guy who figured I was to intimidated to report him. He was right to some degree but I got even. I spent the rest of the semester smiling and speaking to him in the hall. It drove him crazy and my testimony as a Christian was intact. Who knows how God used that but it was best for me because my life became more joyful. My father blessed me with a new watch when he found out what I was doing.
Testify to graceÖlet it go!
I struggle with forgiveness as much as any part of the scriptures. Forgiving others and forgiving self. But when I can truly bless those who mean to do me harm it comes back to me shaken together, packed down, and over flowing! Forgiving yourself is simply a matter of faith Ė do you trust Him that He forgives you? Then what are you hanging on for? Let it go!
Sometimes forgiveness is limply being able to let it go!