Forgiveness Unlocks the Heart

Sandra Moats
Executive Director
New Hope For Adopted International Kids
Forgiveness Unlocks the Heart

An unforgiving heart is a locked heart. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the heart. Many believers, though saved, struggle with an unforgiving heart. In today’s world the incident of injury is daily in one area or another of our lives. Turning to the Scriptures we find the antidote for unforgiveness, so that we can walk in health and victory.
Pastor Tim Remington was shot outside his church in Coeur d’ Alene in March. An unknown man walked up to him as he was talking to those outside his church. He was shot unmercifully in eight places of his body. And miraculously, God spared his life as the bullets were detoured and avoided his major organs.
The most impressive part of this nightmare is the victory that came from Pastor Tim. He called for forgiveness for his would be killer. He called for mercy for the man who did it. He forgave him from his heart for the harm done to him. The sign of true forgiveness is to be able to bless those who have harmed you or someone you love.
One day I had this thought about the process of forgiveness. When I am working at my computer I can delete files and they go into the trash container in another spot. Though out of sight, the files can be restored, if I need to bring them back. All I have to do is open the trash container and click on that file, and it will be restored. Sometimes unforgiveness is like that in our lives. We delete it out of sight, but it remains locked as trash in our hearts.
As long as that file or hurt remains in that trash container or in your heart, it is in your memory. The road to healing is blocked because it still comes up often enough so that you cannot fully love that person who trespassed against you. Lu 17:4. You might bring it to the altar of prayer, but if you have not emptied the trash you will not be able to fully forgive, and bless that person.
The quickest way to empty that trash container is to confess your sin of unforgiveness. The Bible says, “Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” James 5:15.
Most of us have areas, that when touched, can produce a volcano in our lives. For me it has always been my children. I am a mama bear if you touch my kids. Years ago we had a volatile situation in our lives. A woman caused severe damage in one of my children’s lives.
My mama bear kicked in and anger rose like a volcano within me. I kept coming before the Lord and laying it on the altar of prayer. The lava of anger would recede, but when something triggered that memory, anger would flow back into my thoughts.
In determination to forgive I confessed my sin not only to my family, but also to other trusted friends in my church family. Forgiveness came as my heart was unlocked by confession.
Forgiveness does not come easy at times, but in order that we have a healthy heart we must forgive. It is a proven fact that a bitter, unforgiving person usually becomes a sick person in mind and body.
If you are dealing with unforgiveness empty the trash within your heart by confessing your sin of anger or holding a grudge. If you have unforgiveness you will feel a check inside that won’t allow God’s love to flow through you to that person.
Years ago we were part of the Shepherding Movement. It was a discipleship movement that grew worldwide. There were many abuses of authority during that movement. Our church had gone through many situations as we walked in leadership. Not only was our family affected, but also many of the sweet people I loved who were injured in their spirit.
We began to see how many things were not right within the movement. We came out of that movement and brought our church out. We repented of our involvement both privately and publically.
But within my heart I had to deal with unforgiveness, as did many others. Mine was aimed at one leader in the movement. I lay it on the altar of prayer many times, yet every time I heard of a struggling family because of that movement, anger rose up again. Unforgiveness was locked within my heart.
God has His own ways that bring us to the place where we are willing to let go. I became ill and was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix. While I lay in that hospital bed near death, God spoke to my heart. “Will you forgive him? Will you let go of all those things that happened that injured you, your family and others?” It was there, on that hospital bed, that I pushed unforgiveness out of my heart for good. After that I was able to help others who had been injured by the movement. It was then I was able to pray with love in my heart for those who had wronged so many.
If you are struggling in unforgiveness with a person bring them to the altar of prayer. Confess your sin of unforgiveness before others so that your heart will be unlocked. And pray for the one who has wronged you with love in your heart. You can only do this if you know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. And remembering that if we don’t forgive, we cannot be forgiven. Mt 6:14;18:35; Mr 11:25. The joy of a renewed heart comes when forgiveness has been released.