The Truth is This

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get to heaven. You don’t even have to know that “1+1=2,” but you do need to have ears that can listen and eyes that can see. You must believe with all your heart that Jesus was crucified on that the cross to save you and whomever else may believe. We are all sinners and deserve severe punishment in the Father’s eyes. How wonderful it is that he loves every single one of us enough to send his own son to die on our behalf. Why would Jesus want to die for us? We sin and sin again and it seems that it is impossible to rid our lives of this horrible sin. But there is hope! That is the best news. We have all failed in Gods eyes, but as we walk this earth, Jesus is always there ready to take us and show us the way because he has already been here and knows that there is only one right way! That way is through him. In order to get to him you must humble yourself and ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you for your sins. The Lord loves you so much that anything you have done in your past is forgiven! He died on the cross specifically for sinners. He is watching and waiting this very second for you to finally surrender and just hand it all to him! Jesus died for you. Jesus walked this earth and experienced the same temptations had many opportunities to sin. Jesus came to the earth for the very purpose to show the way and even more to die so that we may find the way! What an amazing savior we all have. God is your father. he wants to welcome you with open arms and make you a part of his holy family. Nothing in your life is impossible for God to make right. In fact, when you are at your weakest, that is when he does what he does best: change your life. Jesus didn’t really hang out with the higher ranked people or the most respected people. He spent most his time with people others would describe as low-lifes. The point I am trying to make is that Jesus wanted to surround himself with people who should learn from of him. In the United States most people hear about Jesus around the age of five. A little boy named Elijah was walking with his father to go fishing and they were coming up to an old sign that read “no trespassing”. Elijah asked his daddy what the sign said. When he learned what the sign meant, he turned to go the other way, saying that God would not want him to trespass so he ran all the way back home so that he would not disobey God. Children are blessed in the eyes of the Lord. We must be like them to get to heaven. Many of us tend to think with closed minds that, “everyone has heard of Jesus,” but that is not true. Even here in America people are walking around still unsure of what Jesus is really all about. Jesus said in Mathew 24:14 that his gospel, his good news of the kingdom, will be preached to the whole world and it will be a witness to all nations. Then the end will come. Does Jesus mean he will come back to earth then? Are we Americans holding out on the Lord’s prophesy? Does America and all its wealth hold the key to unlocking the greatest mystery on earth? Can we be the witnesses the Lord speaks of when he says his gospel will be a witness to all the nations? Its about time we step it up and spread the news for everyone to hear. We need to take a step and leave the rest to Jesus. Jesus loves all. He wants to be your saving grace.