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Executive Director of New Hope For Adopted International Kids

As we celebrate the birthday of our nation on the 4th of July, we should also celebrate the fact that as individuals we are able to vote and have a say in the way our nation goes. We are standing at a great crossroads and the Christians can make a difference; that is if they will vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Never has our nation been so divided, endangered, and in need for Christians to stand up and take their place in voting.
Our presidential roots began with voting. “Among the first things the Jamestown voyagers did when they set up English America’s first permanent settlement was conduct an election. Nearly as soon as they landed—April 26, 1607, by their calendar—the commanders of the 105 colonists unsealed a box containing a secret list of seven men picked in England to be the colony’s council and from among who the councilors were to pick a president.”
Christians are called to be salt in a nation. Mt 5:13; Mr 9:50. Voting is our fundamental right in the democracy we live in. We are to be the voice that calls our government to account. We are supposed to stand against the abuse of power. We must stand up for what is right when everybody else is heading in the opposite direction.
Our country currently has in place many laws that are ungodly and would never be in place had Christians stood up and took their voting privilege and responsibility seriously. Because of the fact that Christians have laid down their great gift to vote we have abortions in this country. This is only one area, but it has cost the lives of 58,586,256 babies since the Roe vs. Wade decision. Christians will say they don’t believe in abortion, but how many stood up and went to vote at every opportunity to stop it? It is easy to complain after the fact, but it is sin to not stand up during the time to stop murder. Abortion is murder.
Christians seem to be confused about voting and many I have spoken with say they will not vote in this upcoming Presidential election. To react that way is to give leaders with ungodly principles an open field. It is a Christian’s duty to vote more than any other citizen. Even if you don’t fully agree with the person running, look at the party stand in issues that will greatly affect our way of life.
The Bible tells us in Proverbs 14:34 that “Righteousness exalts a nation.” As a Christian voting you have the opportunity to bring forth righteousness in your community, state and nation. But if you shrink from that responsibility the liberals and ungodly will surely run forth, such as happened already in our nation.
One well-known pastor encourages the Christians in his church to forget about voting. He even claims that it is a form of idolatry. He has tens of thousands of listeners on his pod cast. But he also preaches against many things that our government does. That makes no sense and I would question his leading as a Shepherd guiding his flock.
The Bibles says, “When the righteous rule, the people rejoice (and) when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Pr 29:2. I have heard plenty of groaning from Christians, but when I ask if they voted about ungodly issues they give the excuse that their vote doesn’t matter. Yes, it does! Other than praying, which is first, it is the only way provided by our country to change ungodly policies. Those policies can change if the Christians will get out and vote. And it needs to be the whole of our company arising in our nation.
In a Presidential year there is usually between 53 and 57 percent of the people that vote. If a Christian votes this year your vote is almost twice as strong as during a non-Presidential voting year. Over the last four elections the Christian community voting has dropped over 40 percent. “In the 2012 Presidential elections, 4 million evangelical Christians did not vote who had voted in the 2008 elections. In 2012, President Obama won the popular vote by just over 3 million votes.”
Christians have many excuses why they have neglected their voting responsibility. Up to the 1840s about 100 percent of the Christians turned out in America to vote. They believed it was their duty to God to vote. In the last 30 years we have seen Christians giving away their right to vote, along with other rights that they have been lazy about addressing. This laziness has cost the people in our nation in the form of godly rights and freedoms. To vote is still a freedom we hold.
We have two problems that affect the Christian community on voting. One is a choice to not vote at all. Many Christians that I am currently hearing from righteously say they will not vote for a candidate that is not a godly choice, yet they will not turn out to vote when issues are present that need to be taken care of. There is something to think about above our like or dislike for a candidate. There are several parties that have taken a stance against abortion, same sex marriages and other important ungodly issues that this country has approved to practice. We need to grasp every opportunity to vote until these ungodly issues are turned around. I believe that it is still possible to turn this country around, even though some feel there is no chance, and our country is doomed.
Our founding fathers would be appalled at the lack of voting action of Christians in this country. If we don’t stand up during this election we are going to see children in public schools being taught about sex in a filthy way. That is in the plan! We are going to see 5 judges appointed that can and will make a vast difference in our freedoms. We could possibly see America disarmed, just like Germany was before the holocaust even as we face terrorists that possibly could surpass Hitler.
The last President made way for all our early history of America to be removed from the schools. Most of your children in the first 8 grades don’t know anything about the godly beginnings of our country. The Common Core teaching is one of the most destructive tools that have been put into the minds of the American children. Why would our godly beginnings be removed from the classrooms? Slowly your children are being groomed for the New Age and liberality beyond Sodom and Gomorrah. And if the current push for Muslim teaching continues to enter our schools you will have another Britain situation in our country. We are not far behind them!
There is a chance if Christians will stand up and take their place. This Presidential vote is probably the most important one in the history of our country. Our country is split and we need to bear our weight on the righteous side more now than ever before. It is essential that Christians vote even if they don’t approve of the candidate, but at the very least go with the party that holds to godly freedoms. If you don’t vote we will be swept down the liberal valley that brings much harm to our country and your children.
Christians in many countries are oppressed and persecuted and suffer under governments where they are powerless to change. They hate their faith and want to stop their voices. We are fast approaching that point in our country. If we do not stand up in the midst of the apathy and indifference found among Christians and wake up, we will find ourselves in the very same position.
Some say “To vote or not to vote”. I say, “For whom should I vote?” By not voting or by spoiling a ballot, one does little more than abdicating one’s right to be governed by consent to the next person. If the next person does the same, very soon such “democracy” becomes a minority of party bosses governing a majority people. Accordingly, for a democracy to remain functional, the right to vote must be conceivably viewed than more than a right. It is arguably also a responsibility and a duty – if only a moral duty – to participate in such democracy and to do so in an informed and responsible manner. Jason Brennan in The Ethics of Voting eloquently elaborates upon the importance of this duty and responsibility where he contends that “voting is morally significant” as it “changes the quality, scope, and kind of government”. “Christians stand up and take your place! Vote!