Walking Through the Valley of Death

By Claudia Lovejoy On the afternoon of Sunday, March 6, 2016, hundreds of Christians poured into the Kootenai Memorial Hospital to stand with Pastor Tim Remington who''d just been shot at his church in Coeur D''Alene. Can you imagine such a moment? With Pastor Tim''s life hanging in the balance, people and pastors from every denomination gathered in the emergency room, and soon the crowd became so big that the hospital staff had to move everyone into the cafeteria. Every available table was filled with weeping and praying believers. Such a moment is rare in this day and age, and as it says in Psalm 133: “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity...for there the Lord commanded the blessing.” And bless He did. Tim miraculously survived his terrible wounds. How could a man shot six times in the head, the shoulder, the pelvis, the hip and the neck survive such an attack? Not one bullet pierced his brain, his heart, his spine or his vital organs, yet those six bullets did pierce the heart of the Coeur D''Alene community. Who is Pastor Tim Remington? And why did this troubled young man choose Tim to be his target? Well, if there was a wall of WANTED posters in hell, Pastor Tim''s face would certainly be on it. For over 30 years, he and his wife Cindy have dedicated their time, their finances, their home and their lives to pulling young men and women out of meth houses, bars, prisons, darkness, and despair. And we know the forces of evil do not take kindly to those who set their victims free. As Jesus said: “If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first...” (John 15:18) Although born in California in 1961, Tim and his family moved to Coeur D''Alene in 1968 when he was seven years old. Growing up in the house that is now the Good Samaritan Women''s Ranch, Tim went to Coeur D''Alene High School and attended the old Church of God on Lincoln Way. “I wore a constant path to the altar in those days,” says Tim, “I kept going forward, trying in my own strength to be better, but never really surrendered my heart. I was too focused on human failure and not enough on the finished work of Christ.” But in 1980 (at age 19), Tim had had enough of his half-hearted faith. He knew it was now or never, so on a lonely highway in Oregon, he pulled his van off the road, laid his head on the steering wheel and whispered, “God, if You''re real, I need to know it. If you show Yourself to me, I''ll give You my all. I''ll be radical for You.” The Lord took him at his word, and that day Tim encountered Someone who would change his life forever. He quickly drove to a payphone, called his mother and said, “I just got saved.” The rest is history. It wasn''t long before Tim wandered into a church in San Bernardino, saw a lovely redhead singing onstage, turned to his uncle, and said, “I''m going to marry that girl.” His uncle chuckled and said, “In your dreams!” But Tim was right, and his dream came true. In 1981, he married Cindy Rose Davis, and thus began their long and incredible journey together as pastors, teachers, worship leaders, parents, grandparents, and Overcomers (with a capital O). “Tim has always been the hardest working man I''ve ever known,” says Cindy. “He would get up at four in the morning, drive to Los Angeles to work all day with a drywall crew, then come home, change his clothes, and head out on the street to evangelize. He had unlimited energy for the Lord.” He and Cindy led worship at their church, trained young people in leadership, taught Bible classes, and spent every waking moment sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. “Even at work, men would bring people to Tim and say, ''Tell ''em about Jesus!'' His commitment to God was total, and people were drawn to his passion for the Lord.” During this time, Tim also began working on an occult hotline counseling people desperate to escape spiritual darkness. “The work of the Lord can''t be separated from spiritual warfare,” explained Cindy, “and for many years, Tim has crossed over into the enemy''s territory to pull people out of the fire. He''s familiar with the front lines, because he is so intensely motivated to win souls. That has been the burning desire of his heart since I first met him.” In 1984, Tim pursued pastoral credentials through the Assembly of God, and in 1990, he and Cindy moved back to Coeur D''Alene. Still working as a drywaller, Tim and Cindy began attending the Assembly of God on 7th street, and eventually began leading worship and teaching there every Monday night. “There was a couple from the Silver Valley who would drive over on Monday nights,” said Cindy, “and they really wanted to start a church out there. They felt Tim was the one God had called to be their pastor.” “Tim prayed, and felt led to do it,” continued Cindy. “So we rented the Canyon Elementary School on Sunday mornings, and Tim visited EVERY house in Cataldo to introduce himself and invite neighbors to church. Sometimes he''d have to make his way up rutted dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. He knocked on one door and the guy opened it with a rifle in his hand and snarled, ''What''re you doin'' on my property?'' But you know Tim…he just invited the man to church. I''ve never known my husband to back down from a challenge.” “A lot of people have misunderstood Tim''s motives”, added Cindy. “They wonder: ''What''s his agenda? Why does he take such pains with such difficult people?” remarked Cindy. “But Tim is rare. His agenda is simply to honor God with all he is. His passion is for souls, and his focus is eternity. William Booth (who started the Salvation Army) said, ''Go for souls...and go for the worst.'' That seems to be the ministry Tim was born for.” About three months before the shooting, Pastor Tim had three dreams. In each dream, he saw himself lying in a pool of blood. Since he couldn''t seem to raise himself on his right side, he kept trying to turn over on his left side to stand up as he lay choking on his own blood. (His right shoulder and arm did receive the most serious damage from the bullets). So when the shooter began firing on March 6, Tim had a moment where he didn''t know if this was just another dream or if this was indeed reality. “Tim has always known that something cataclysmic needed to happen for things to start spiritually changing here,” said Cindy. “But people need to remember that, for Tim personally...the cost is tremendous. My husband has experienced brokenness on many levels beyond the obvious. Yes, God warned him of what was coming. Yes, God saved him from death, but Tim is still resident in a mortal body riddled with pain. He cannot stand, he cannot walk and he cannot use his right arm. There is still trauma from the shooting. Healing will be a long journey for Tim, and he needs people to be discerning and patient concerning his condition.” So what can our community do? Obviously, continue to pray. Not just for the time being, but for many months to come. People all over the world who have heard Tim''s story are praying and fasting concerning the Lord''s moving in this part of the world. Finances are also a crucial need for their family. As you can imagine, Tim''s medical bills are staggering. So many individuals and businesses have stepped up to help with Pastor Tim''s medical fund, and here are some of the planned events you can take part in: A GoFundMe page has been set up for donations, here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/hmsy6ck4 Checks could also be sent directly to Pastor Tim, ℅ The Altar, 901 East Best Ave., Coeur D''Alene, 83815…be sure to write "For Pastor Tim''s Medical Fund" on the check. T-SHIRTS (Praying for Pastor Tim) available at the Altar Church (901 E. Best CDA 208-664-1453) Cost is $15 per shirt...$7 goes to Tim''s medical fund. MACKENZIE RIVER PIZZA (405 W. Canfield Ave. 208-772-5111) 20% of total sales going to Pastor Tim on Tuesday, April 19. TEXAS ROADHOUSE (402 W. Neider Ave. 208-664-1903) on Sunday, April 3...10% of proceeds will go to Pastor Tim. (Please mention to your server that you are supporting Pastor Tim) BUFFALO WILD WINGS (407 W. Neider Ave. 208-667-0042) 10% will go to Pastor Tim on Saturday, April 9 AUCTION/DINNER/BENEFIT for Pastor Tim on Sunday May 1 at 5 p.m. CDA Resort Tickets are $30 ($240 for table of eight)...please call CDA Resort to order (208-765-4000 EXT. 21) Call soon—they''re going fast!