Long ago, I stopped searching for that elusive, perfect healthcare provider. During my career as a CIA analyst, I used Aetna and Kaiser Permanente. And then, after 33 years, I retired with Blue Cross, Blue Shield and MEDICARE part B, which carried me throughout my ten years as a math educator and band director. Today, my wife, Rosemary, and I are owners of a breakthrough business, named MUSIC & MATH MASTERS STUDIO.
Let me share something that truly boosts my faith. Lately I have realized that the greatest benefactor for healthcare is still largely misidentified. In our contemporary culture, care is one of the primary attributes of God''s eternal power and authority constantly overlooked.
So I coined the term, Godlicare. From the very beginning the Creator instituted Godlicare as an integral and fundamental component of His enduring love, handiwork, and workmanship. Obamacare is just one of a myriad of benefits available to a Godlicare policyholder. You may doubt this assertion, but not me. Since I wasn''t privileged to be born in a hospital, God provided my mother a mid-wife who received little compensation other than to choose my middle name (which I seldom use). Godlicare was manifested in various forms during my early childhood. One that I recall vividly was my grandmother''s favorite remedy -- a tablespoon of castor oil. Yuk! This, believed it or not, was grandma’s signature trademark which she bestowed on someone of my upbringing. Now as I approach 70, God has provided me a general practitioner and Rosemary to keep me going. Times have changed. Pharmaceuticals and doctors are prominent among healthcare professionals. Other are involved, however, like those working in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, family caregivers, government and privately owned healthcare systems and even first responders. These are just some of the people who help make our lives better. While Americans look at them differently, my tendency is to focus on God''s amazing love and care for us. First Peter 5:7b reiterates, "for He careth for you.” Obviously there are readers of this article who can substantiate how blessed they are to be enrolled in Godlicare!
Godlicare is my simplistic way to describe God''s amazing sphere of influence over my life. You will never hear me complaining about Obamacare or ridiculing our veteran’s healthcare system or demeaning other advantages we now receive. I have learned early on, not to be dismayed whatever betide, God will take care of you.
If you desire compassion, concern, comfort, and care throughout your lifetime, you will find no better Provider than Godlicare.
Submitted by Charles L. Perkins, Sr.
(254) 235-6662