Whisper of Heaven

There is a strong relationship between music, physics, and language. In fact, music is itself a universal language. In Iraq, the Chaldean land, our original language is multifaceted and every letter of the alphabet equals a number. There is a formula for each word and each category of ten can be deciphered mathematically. To understand the beautiful mysteries of the bible, it helps if the reader is fluent in its original language. Because it was written in two of the most ancient languages, Hebrew and Aramaic, there is such poetry in the words, and each word carries deep meaning. The evidence unlocked through understanding the prose and music written within is what led me to Christ almost 25 years ago.
While teaching at Moody Bible Institute this fall, I asked if any of the students knew what the word “Psalms” means? The original term is Mazamoor (Mazamir is the plural) meaning Flute. David was the first musician mentioned in Bible. He was a shepherd, who whiled away the hours spent alone on the countryside by singing. God gifted him with an amazing voice and great talent for music. When King Saul was so angry and having a serious breakdown, he called for a musician and David was brought in to calm him. His musical ability gave him the amazing opportunity to eventually become King and he used the gifts God bestowed on him to establish music as a primary focus during his reign. He was even inspired to write the Psalms to be accompanied by music.
God inspired the entire Word to be mathematically perfect. The numbers, which correspond with the writing, can be beautifully applied to the time and rhythm of music. Each verse an equation which can be played on an instrument. On a Psychological level, music is important. It speaks to our emotions, our minds, our hearts, and there is only one who can touch us in this manner, Jesus Christ. I often ask friends which language they think will be spoken in heaven. Most guess their own language, or one of the languages used for the original Biblical writings, but I believe the language of angels and the Language of Heaven is music. Many verses in the Bible mention music, singing, instruments, praise and worship. He tells us to come with the very best for him in our worship, to sing to Him a new song.
It is fitting that the Kroc Center in Coeur d Alene hosts regular symphony events, and when I see the advertisements I am always reminded of the feeling of Holiness. Despite their Islamic heritage, where music is considered an abomination, my parents shared in common a deep appreciation of music, especially the symphony. I inherited this passion from them. They always taught me the symphony should be attended with great reverence. Those performing bring the best of their gifts so there should be great respect shown this event. Symphony members are never dressed in their street clothes to perform, and so also the temple Musicians of David’s time were instructed to dress in their finest traditional clothes. We tend to wear our Sunday best when heading to church, so when meeting God in the music of the symphony, maybe we should pay the same type of consideration.
Biblically, God’s appearance is often tied to sound: thunder, wind, the trumpet, the shofar. Every instrument mentioned there was created by the inspiration of God. Music is the God-given language. Even though He scattered the tongues, leaving His people unable to communicate, music was still a language understood by all mankind, the language of the soul. We are gifted in this community with the Coeur d Alene Symphony, an amazing group of talented musicians. We should support them, attend their performances, and seek God through the music.

Evangelist Michael Paul was born into a Muslim family in Baghdad Iraq, where he was raised to appreciate his cultural and historical heritage. He enjoyed reading, and studied every book he could get his hands on, memorizing the Qur’an at the age of twelve. God got ahold of him and radically transformed him through an amazing journey of faith and trials too horrific to imagine. He served the United States military and was kidnapped and tortured, left for dead on several occasions. His family disowned him for his faith in Christ and he only survived a death sentence in Sharia court by God’s miraculous grace. He is now living in the America, in the Northwest, where he shares his testimony and knowledge of Islam and Muslim culture, in order that the lost Muslim nation will come to know the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ. He is continuing his education, seeking to achieve his Master’s degree and eventually, his PhD, while speaking in churches, on campuses, at conferences, political meetings, and other group gatherings.