The Word - The Gospel

When we are born again we each become the living Gospel – our testimony is our personal paraphrase of the Gospel message.

The Word of God – and every intention and purpose that goes with it - came to earth in the person and deity of Jesus Christ, the only Begotten of the Father.

The word IS light, it GIVES life, it is sustenance to the spirit; It is milk and meat. It creates and exists eternally; full of grace and truth. It cuts like a two edged sword, burns like fire, quenches a thirst; it gives wisdom. It leads to faith, it’s profitable, and it makes us adequate and shows us approved.

It abides in those who love it; it testifies of the Savior; it is foolishness to hearts of stone and power to the hopeful; it is faithful and piercing and sanctifies those who believe it and obey it.

Do you take God at His word? It is the one boast God allows man, that he knows and understands the Word. Jeremiah 9:24 Jesus said to be perfect like God is perfect. All that means is to be a man who desires and submits to the things of God.

According to Proverbs 30:6 in the NASB, if you add to the Word of God you are a liar, and according to Revelation 22:18 you could get worse than a bad reputation. There is great reward in “accurately handling the word of truth”, and great folly in mishandling it or misleading others by false teaching.

Jesus taught us to answer the temptations of the Devil with the Word; Paul taught us that the Word of God is the sword of our armor; defending us and even giving us the strength to crash the gates of Hell when the Spirit leads.

For all the risks associated with proclaiming the Word of God we cannot simply refrain. I would rather risk looking foolish in saying more than I know than to take the guaranteed fruitlessness of silence.

Do we take what the master gives us and invest it with the risk of losing all, or do we hide it, taking no risk but guaranteeing no return? As with the parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, God is looking for risk takers to do His work.

Sometimes we hesitate because we perceive some chasm between where we are and where the Lord is. We think we need to learn more before we have something to share. Hog wash! Fix your eyes on God and when you can see Him you have MUCH to share with others. Fixing your eyes on Jesus closes the gap and leads to wisdom.

If you share nothing but your testimony and a smile God can turn that into the greatest Gospel message ever told. If you have nothing to give but your awe of God you share a God big enough to change lives.

People may want to debate you if you’re brilliant but they believe you if you have passion. When they see your love and joy and faith they know you have something even if you can’t describe it or explain it.

Salvation is a supernatural work of God by which He makes cold, dead hearts come alive again! People need to see that life before they’ll believe anything you have memorized!

They will believe God loves them to the degree you believe He loves you.

The peace of God is being able to surrender. To say “I can do no more it is in Your hands Lord.”

The Joy of the Lord is in knowing that you have done all you can. You’ve prayed and read the word and listened for His voice; you have prepared for what’s coming with all that God has given you and put on the armor He provides, and then still to say, “It’s all up to you Lord, It’s in your hands and the results are yours.”

To trust God is peaceful, to work alongside the Lord for His glory and purpose - to share in the Word - that is the source of true joy.