Do You Desire

Do you desire to do something for God? Is He tugging at your heart strings trying to get your attention?

If so, what is holding you back? Do you feel like your not talented enough? Do you wonder how one person could make a difference in this world?

Consider this, God uses those who have a willing heart. He is the sole giver of talents and the paver of the paths.

God does not expect you to be where you are today and tomorrow stand before millions preaching His Word. No, He only expects you to listen to Him and do what He is asking you to do.

You see, from a single apple seed planted in the ground only dreams of being a single apple tree. It is, interestingly enough, that from that single tree not a single apple is yielded. No not one, rather that single seed that produced a single tree, produces a plethora of apples--with each apple on that tree contains many seeds inside, waiting for the opportunity to grow into trees that will return an orchard full of apples.

All that from a single seed.

So, how did the seed do it?

The seed first focused on breaking out of its shell (the norm/the things that keep us from serving God), then it focused on getting to the light where photosynthesis could begin and stimulate growth (just like us getting in God’s Word where we can get spiritually fed and our growth can be stimulated).

As the seed absorbs the sunlight and rain it stretches upward toward the sun and downward into the soil thereby developing a food gathering system that pulls nutrients from the soil as it basks in the sunlight and/or rain, (just as prayer, studying God’s Word, and praise & worship do for our spiritual development).

Over time, the sprout gets bigger and stronger, (just like we do), and eventually it becomes necessary to leave the comfort of being a twig and begin to sprout branches that reach out beyond its center, (similar to what expanding our service to God does--causes us to stretch out beyond our comfort zone and trust that we are strong enough to bear the weight of the branches).

It is only through this branching out where the leaves that eventually develop into apples begin to grow, (The identical thing happens to us as we branch out. We begin to see people coming to Christ, lives being touched and/or changed.)

See, the apple tree sprouts one leaf at a time at first, then many at one time. This is how God works in our lives. We effect one life at first, then we begin to see God using us to affect many lives at once. Until one day when you are standing before God in Heaven and He shows you the true breadth of your impact and one by one souls whose lives that were changed because of you are coming up to you and thanking you for first being a seed.

Those who have had the greatest impact for God, never set out to change the world. Instead, they set out to change themselves and to help those nearest them and God multiplied that effort many times over.

So if you believe God is calling you today to serve Him, fret not, He is there to give you strength. Hear what Isaiah has to say, “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.”--Isaiah 12:2(KJV)

God is waiting, will you trust Him today?