In Genesis 1:2 we see the first mention of the Holy Spirit as moving. So when Romans 8:14 talks about being led by the Holy Spirit, we see those who are led by the Spirit are also moving, going somewhere, and are always focused on a purpose and destiny. Through the Church, God’s people, the Holy Spirit is moving to bring about a new creation, mankind made in the likeness of God. Those who are yielding to this administration are preparing themselves to be used in the greatest revival that this world will ever experience, the harvest at the end of the Age.
The whole world was shaken or stunned by the Welch and Azusa revivals. At times throughout the bible, the world has been shaken by God; Mount Sinai in Exodus and in Acts a jailhouse shook. People become fearful during these times of shaking. Notice the ones who were not fearful, those who prayed. I have noticed that there is always something special in the heart of a truly mature travailing intercessor. They seem to tremble from the inside so that when it happens on the outside, they are calm and know exactly what to do. If you were to shake your table, most of the items like the salt and pepper shakers would fall over, yet a plate has a greater base, so it moves with the shaking. Churches that focus on prayer, travailing intercession and worship seem to have a greater base and quickly yield to the movement of God. Before most earthquakes, the area experiences tremors. The Church must yield to these tremors that come through salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance, prophecy and miracles. When the earthquake comes, God moves, no man can stop it, just as no man can stop an earthquake. Earthquakes bring fear and panic, and so it will be at the end of this Evil Age, Hebrews 12:18-29.
True revival is a fearful thing, but a good fearful thing as Proverbs 1:7 says. It is never about how long you have been in the body of Christ; it is how deep and diverse you are in the Holy Spirit. Those that are immature, inexperienced, or insecure in the Holy Spirit will turn to those who can stand under the shaking. Yet some will fall away because they have served under a religious structure and we all know the law can never transform, but condemns. Are we intimate with the Lord like John the Apostle, or are we like Judas the Apostle, familiar with Jesus?
So how do we prepare for this endtime move of God? We share the gospel with the lost and we know that spiritual transformation in this area is growing because we have led more people to Christ this year than last. We also see that we are casting out more demons, healing more of the sick, and the prophetic is clearer and more accurate than last year. If we are not doing these things, we will be shaken and even could stumble and fall. Here’s the question we all must face, whose image, purpose and destiny are we reflecting in a growing and transforming manner?
Bruce Hines –