Like a Wandering Wife

Just as we sense the changing of the seasons in the natural realm, those who are in Christ sense there has been a serious change of direction for America. Once we were a blessed nation who enjoyed the covering of God’s hand. In the last ten years things have changed in our nation, that is since the terrorist attack of 9/11 upon the twin towers in New York City. The covering of God’s hand was clearly lifted upon America and we were attacked within our own country. We have had wars before and even with Pearl Harbor attacking Hawaii, but never before had our mainland been entered and attacked.
The churches filled with people praying for our nation after the 9/11 strike, but that quickly reversed and the churches went back to their normal Sunday goers. Those who were in tune with the Lord knew that America had entered a dangerous position with the Lord. They knew there has been a definite uncovering of our nation. The lifting of God’s covering on our nation and the touch of His hand of judgment on America began in the east. In 1991 God has shown me a vision of America and His hand of judgment coming down upon our land. His hand began in the east and swept across our country. We have seen the sweeping of His hand across this country.
The Bible says it is a fearful and awesome thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10:31.We think of that being a person, but nations and the people of those nations, who make ungodly decisions, deliver themselves into the hands of the living God.
This nation was birthed in prayer. To think that it isn’t legal to pray to God in our schools, where early children of this nation were taught out of the Bible, is unthinkable. We have fallen far away from God as a nation. We have been unfaithful, like a wandering wife, to God who birthed and cared for this nation to bring it to its greatness.
We have renounced the teachings of the Bible in our courts which made us subject to the judgment of God. Some think and say, “we are a free nation and can do whatever we want.” They believe that there are no repercussions for their ungodly behavior and their leaving the teachings of the Bible. There are those who believe you can live together out of wedlock , even within the churches, and it is all right with God. The new norm is to live together and someday you might get married and it will be all right with God. No! It is not all right with God. It is sin!
There are those who believe, even within the church family in America, that it is alright to abort a baby if it would be too much trouble to care for. No! In God’s eyes, in the Bible, it is murder to take the life of another person! That unborn child is not a blob of material that can be sold and used for cosmetics, but it is a child that God was sending to earth for a purpose. Ps 139. Nations before us that sacrificed their children were judged by God. We are being judged by God.
Each court decision to go further into sin, such as the recent decision to marry homosexuals, brings us further as a nation into judgment. Those who thought that decision brought more freedom within America will see a bowl of God’s judgment poured out like nothing we have ever experienced as a nation.
God has more than His eye on America, He certainly has extended His hand and taken hold of this nation. Our law changes over the last few years may have made the liberals happy, but God is not pleased with the decisions made in the courts of our land. Our nation now calls evil good and good evil. The Bible says, “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil.” Isa 5:20. We are in grave need of a great awakening of the lost and revival among those who claim to be His.
Awakening is when the lost are born again by asking Jesus Christ into their life. Revival happens to believers whose hearts have grown lukewarm. They are heated up to boiling again as they are revived. Healing of our land begins with a willing heart of God’s people to repent and pray. 2 Chr 4:14.
When a nation is under the judgment God will send the judgments in many disaster forms. He has sent prophets to our land to warn us many times, but we have turned a deaf ear to their pleadings. We have seen many cities and towns devastated over the past few years by tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, drought, wildfires, shootings, bombings and riots. We keep hearing, “This has never happened before” in the news. The devastation is widespread across America. God is sending out His warnings for us to turn before destruction.
We come back to the question, how do we, the people of God, pray for our nation? Jeremiah 7:16 says, “As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with me, for I do not hear you.” Jeremiah 11:11 and 14 say that the evil He is bringing cannot be escaped. Verse 14 says, “Therefore do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer on their behalf, for I will not listen when they call to me in the time of their trouble.”
God is bringing the judgments upon America, we cannot pray against His will, for this nation is webbed in serious sin. How then do we, the people of God, pray for our country? Daniel, a righteous man in God, gives us a pathway of prayer. Dan 9. He didn’t pray the judgments would stop, for God ordained the punishment because of their sins. He did not ask God to deter His judgments, but to show mercy. (V17-19).
In the midst of God’s judgments God still wants to bless His people. We are within a nation that is under the judgment hand of God. I believe we are to pray and keep ourselves clean and close to God and His teachings. And ask for His blessings for we are His people. Use those blessings to touch other lives and win them to God. The person who wins souls is wise the Bible says. “ The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; And he that is wise winneth souls.” Pr 11:30.
We were in great need of rain in our area. We began praying for a soaking rain. It came one morning and gave us a great soaking. But that soaking was located in our close area. It didn’t come on the whole area. God will bring blessings upon His people in the midst of a nation under judgment and it will affect others around you.
We must pray for God’s mercy. Daniel prayed for the sanctuary that was desolate. We have great need for the sanctuaries to be filled with new believers who will stand in righteousness. Pray for believers to be revived. Pray for children and young people to get saved who will be bold witnesses. We desperately need a new generation of sold- out- to God believers who will come forth within this land. A new president will not change the course of this nation. The Congress or Senate will not change the course of our nation. Repentance will change the course of our nation. It is possible that we will again enjoy the covering of God’s hand upon this nation.