I’m Ashamed…

I’m Ashamed….

I’ve always been Pro Life, the kind of Pro Life that involved talk in safe circles within the walls of home and church, but never the kind of Pro Life that did anything impactful. That is my shame, to know that I never did much other than hold an opinion.
Two years ago when the Texas legislature was voting on legislation that would restrict abortions to under 20 weeks ( because of the definite scientific proof that infants feel pain as they are being dismembered in the womb after 20 weeks), a pro abortion mob rioted in the legislative gallery and the vote was unable to pass. Most people remember the Wendy Davis filibuster in her pink shoes that set up the circumstances for the riot in the gallery. When that happened, I was livid. I got on the phone to any and every government official I could find. I called governor Rick Perry’s office and demanded a special session to finish this matter. I was not alone, Texans flooded his office with calls. We understood what it meant if a mob could have their way by rioting. If this action was allowed to stand, then Texas no longer had a representative form of government. The Pro Abort mob would be only the first.
On the first day of the special session I was compelled to go to Austin. I had no idea what I might face, but nothing could stop me from going. Along with my 15 year old son, I and thousands of other Christians stood in the halls of the capital. We were taking up space to keep the pro aborts at bay. We were filling the gallery to keep pro abortion rioters from screaming at the legislators and throwing projectiles down upon them as they tried to do the will of the people of Texas. It was a war zone, with hundreds of Highway Patrolmen from all over the state there to keep order. They were armed and covered in bullet proof vests. The Christians were not. As I was soon to find out, we didn’t need that kind of armor, we had our own kind of armor.
As we stood in the halls, vile women from the other side would try to attack us. They wore orange, but there was no need. The looks on their faces, the countenance of evil identified them. I have never been in a situation where people of God and people of death were so clearly visible simply by their countenance. The lines were clearly drawn. I remember the first attack was a woman running down the hall amongst us and she ran over to an elderly woman, screaming obscenities with obscene gestures inches from her face. In amazement I saw this foot soldier of Christ start to sing “Rock of Ages”. Her voice small but her song began to be picked up by those around her. In no time, the wave of song traveled down 3 wide halls of thousands of Christians singing. The enemy had to retreat.
I saw that all day. “Amazing Grace” is a mighty weapon. As we sang that song, the reaction was one of pouring hot oil on the enemy. All day, the battle was fought and won with prayer and singing. We stood, God fought and won. The legislation passed. The results of that legislation has closed down abortion clinics all over the state including the one in Waco. Part of that legislation required that abortion clinics meet safety standards. Now there are only 5 abortion clinics in the state that meet those standards. The Pro Aborts fought enthusiastically to not only kill children, but to have it done in ways that endanger the mothers. I saw vividly the culture of death, and lies….Satan’s culture. I saw firsthand that Satan covets nothing more than human sacrifice to him. In those battles, Satan is not subtle and tempting, he shows himself fully.
This was my first experience with Pro Life work. I was astounded at what I saw, and who I saw fighting. Of the thousands and thousands of Christians there were mostly old women like me, and kids like my son. Thousands of teenagers and college age, and even small children were there having to listen to the obscenities being hurled at them. I saw no preachers. When I got back home that day, I called the Southern Baptist Convention offices in Austin. “Do you guys know what kind of battle is being fought at the capital? Do you know this is a battle for our very form of government? Do you know that Texas influences all of the nation? Do you know it’s mainly old women and kids down at the capital fighting for you? I’ve been a Baptist all my life and I know a Baptist preacher when I see one. Where are you, preachers?” Answer, “We wrote a letter.”
Since the videos exposing the horrors of Planned Parenthood’s barbaric practices of chopping up babies and selling their parts, started coming out in July I have been provoked to do even more. I talk to many Christians who refuse to look at the videos. “I just can’t look at them, it’s too upsetting” is what I often hear. They are upsetting, but I owe it to the children to look and see what has been done to them. I believe God has provided these videos to do just that….SHOW US what we have allowed to happen.
I urge everyone to see the videos, there are 10 that have been released by the Center for Medical Progress. These videos were made undercover and film top level Planned Parenthood executives laughing and haggling over prices and killing babies and selling their body parts for profit. The mainstream media is not covering these videos, Pro Life people working on the ground are making them known. More and more people are becoming involved, and it’s working. States are defunding Planned Parenthood, and there are investigations in Congress. Corporations are severing their relationship with Planned Parenthood. There is big money in dead babies. Taxpayer money, donation money from corporations, and very big money from baby parts, the older the better. Pro Lifers are up against a behemoth of money. We need all hands on deck.

As I attend Pro Life events, I keep noticing the same curiosity, very few if any pastors. My pastors are there. Why isn’t every pastor there and leading his flock. It bothered me so much that I started making calls and asking churches why they aren’t involved. I am saddened to say that in many churches, abortion is a “political” issue and “we don’t get involved in politics”. Since when did we allow Satan to politicize “thou shalt not kill”? Abortion no doubt has affected us all. You don’t have 58 million missing Americans without some significant consequences. But, it’s not 58 million missing Americans, it’s 58 million plus their children and grandchildren we are missing. Tragic.
I urge pastors and Christians to repent and come to the realization that abortion is human sacrifice to Satan, and “thou shalt not kill” is fundamental to the Christian faith. God help us if we don’t.