My Miracle Story

Many years ago (over 20 now) I lived in a two bedroom house with my husband. He went to school days and worked nights so I was there alone in the evenings a lot. Because we had a tight budget, we lived in a run down neighborhood. It wasnít a bad neighborhood, but it wasnít good either. We lived right on the boundaries of a bad area. I didnít like being alone at nights, but there was nothing that we could do about it. My family lived over an hour away so I couldnít go there at nights because it was too far to drive in the mornings to work. As soon as the sun would start to go down I would go through the whole house and make sure all the windows and doors were closed and locked, pulled all the curtains and drapes and shut to door to the spare bedroom. Sometimes I would have the feeling I was being watched, but when I would turn around no one was there. When I would go to bed, it would take me a long time to go to sleep. I just thought it was because I had never lived alone before getting married and I just wasnít use to being alone at night.

One night I did my usual routine, locking all the windows and doors, closing drapes and shutting the door to the spare bedroom. I was brushing my teeth and I felt like someone was behind me. I looked in the mirror behind me but saw no one. I told myself that I was letting my imagination run away. I got into bed and amazingly went to sleep fairly quickly. I was sound asleep when a noise woke me up. I went to get up to see what the noise was and I couldnít move. It was like I was paralyzed. I turned my head towards the door to look out into the hall and there in the door was a bright and shining figure. I thought my mind was playing tricks again and I tried to move, but couldnít. I donít know if it was audible sound or in my head but the person told me I couldnít move and I couldnít go out into the living room because of evil. I donít know if it was evil spirit or person in the house. I tried to move again, but was still paralyzed. The person said, ďYou will be OK, Iím taking care of it, go back to sleep.Ē

Amazingly I feel back into a deep sleep and woke up refreshed. I got up and went into my living room and a window was open. It was the strangest thing to see a window open because I knew how adamant I was about locking all windows. Then I remembered what had happened the night before. I thought about it and asked God, what had happened, in my head. I had an overwhelming feeling come over me about the awesome glory of God. I really feel it was Jesus that visited my bedroom that night. People Iíve shared this story with feel it was my guardian angel. I know I have guardian angels, but I really feel it was Jesus. It is hard to tell the story because it lacks the glory and wonder of God when I share it, but it is true and I feel so honored that I had the Blessed Son of God visit me in the night to care for me.