This is not a philosophy of life, but a series of facts...  
There is one Designer, Engineer and Creator of the universe and all it contains, including you and me. But you and I have not only failed to acknowledge Him as our Maker and Father, we''ve actually spat in His face. Through many immoral and amoral acts, thoughts and attitudes, we continue to grieve the One Who cares for us most. This has caused a split between us and the One Who made us and loves us.

  God''s "dilemma"

Because He loves us, He cannot stand to allow this split to remain. But because He is the only perfect Being in the universe, He cannot allow our evil to go unpunished without ceasing to be perfect, because he would then cease to be God.

So He paid for our evil thoughts and deeds Himself. He came to Earth as a human, accepting the limitations of His own creation, mankind. He came to suffer the punishment you and I deserve so we won''t have to.

The Man is Jesus Christ. He gave His life for our sakes and rose from the dead to prove His Godhood and show how we too can be raised to eternal life. Now, all who will accept His sacrifice can actually enjoy a relationship with Him here and now, as well as enjoy eternal life with Him in Heaven. As one time-honored document puts it, "The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.".

  This is not a philosophy of life, but a series of facts...  
Traditional biblical Christianity has always been presented as a series of facts, not merely as a philosophy of life. The fact that there is one God, Creator of the universe, Who has always existed in three Persons; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The fact that mankind was separated from God by sin; the historical fact of Jesus'' birth, life on Earth, death, and resurrection and the fact that this was God''s plan to close that separation; the fact that faith in Jesus Christ alone is what is needed to heal the separation for each individual. .

  Being good is not enough  
No amount of good deeds will suffice, it is the faith that saves you from eternal separation with your Maker. Good deeds are a result of your faith in Christ, not the condition for entrance to Heaven. Then there is the fact that Jesus promised another Counselor, the Holy Spirit, to live in the hearts of all who seek a relationship with Him...