Free At Last From Anger

Full of rage because of a bitter divorce, a man’s blood pressure was mounting dangerously. He said, “I was getting ready to end my pain.” Much to his surprise he found help at Newman Conference Center’s Overcoming Anger, a biblically based DVD seminar with prayer ministry. He had taken anger management classes before, but said, “I didn’t want to manage my anger.. I wanted to get rid of it.” As a result of Overcoming Anger, he came to know that there really is hope for what seems to be hopeless and reported, “My blood pressure is coming down and my health is better. I lost my anger and I’m not picking it back up. I’m free!”
Overcoming Anger is just one of the many transforming seminars and classes offered at Newman Conference Center where the Lord brings freedom and healing to many people. Unlike other anger courses, which offer temporary solutions to manage anger, this powerful and effective one-day seminar quickly identifies trigger points and addresses the root cause of anger and other negative emotions. Only through Jesus’ healing power are we able to be free from anger and pain and find lasting peace. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). Long awaited prayers are answered. Marriages are saved. Parent’s relationships with their children are strengthened. Destructive generational patterns and behaviors end. People who struggled with anger, anxiety and depression get free. Broken hearts are mended.
Before coming to the conference center, many people felt their difficult situations and struggles in life had won. Defeated and believing that they had tried everything, many questioned, “What else is there to do? I’m going to church, reading my Bible, going to support groups, have been through counseling. Why am I still not happy? Why can’t I change? Why do I keep doing the things I don’t want to do?” But after attending one of Newman Conference Center’s life-changing seminars, people leave full of hope, peace and freedom. Hundreds from all ages, denominations and walks of life have been touched by the Spirit of God and counseled by Jesus. A professional counselor, who attended several seminars, enthusiastically reported, “More healing happens in a matter of hours than in years of counseling. I should know, since that’s my profession.”
Here’s another testimony. A drunk driver ran a red light and killed an amateur boxer’s son in a crosswalk. The boxer spent almost every night for six months beating up people who were drunk as they left bars to get into their cars. He felt justified, believing he was preventing another death. He ended up living in a homeless shelter and attended Overcoming Anger. He said, “God brought me to a core wound I didn’t even remember and drained the bottle where I’d stuffed all my tears. It felt like God was giving me a hug and rubbing my back. I never thought I’d cry, but it felt OK to let it go.” Realizing he’d been “an anger addict,” he knew that “recovery will take awhile. But now I know God is in my corner. I’ve got a good ring man and the right tools to get rid of anger. Anger management doesn’t make any sense. You just leave angry. But Overcoming Anger is a whole different thing.” There are numerous other testimonies of the Lord answering people’s prayers and heart cries for permanent change. As a prayer facilitator at Newman Conference Center, I have personally witnessed Jesus bring freedom, healing and restoration to lots of individuals and families. Not everyone’s story is necessarily as extreme as the two gentlemen mentioned earlier, because we all deal with anger to some degree in our life. But any amount left unaddressed can damage us internally (often causing sickness) and others outwardly.
Before becoming involved in this ministry, I took Overcoming Anger. I originally signed up just my mother to attend, knowing how much she struggled with severe anger and bitterness. Then I figured as a caring daughter I should go along to support her. Well, to my surprise, I received amazing revelations and huge progress in my own transformation from the seminar! I learned about lies that were set deep in my heart in childhood and young adulthood, and areas where the enemy was working in my life to keep me from experiencing complete freedom and peace. I also began to understand my mother’s heart and see the “generational junk” that had been passed on to me and I in turn was passing on to my own children. In addition, I learned how the hidden unforgiveness in my heart and distant relationship with my earthly father had negatively affected my relationship with my husband and heavenly Father. Another time through the seminar, the Lord showed me how shame (the feeling that something is wrong with me at the core) was deterring me from my calling and purpose. Throughout childhood the enemy worked on keeping me a shy little girl full of fear and uncertainty. The Lord reminded me of a time when I was terrified to go on stage for a dance recital and how this was a time Satan was trying to steal my destiny. I‘ll never forget what the Lord spoke to me that day, “You’re going to be my shining star on the stage some day.” Since I am pretty sure this doesn’t mean that I’m going to become a famous actor or performer, I do know deep in my heart that I am called to proclaim the amazing love and healing power of Jesus Christ, and I will continue to do so on any type of stage he provides me.
If you’ve never heard of Newman Conference Center, it was built because the Lord impressed on the directors to build a facility solely for healing hearts. After much prayer, hard work and trust in the Lord, this beautifully crafted 10,800 sq. ft building opened debt free in the fall of 2007. Out of gratitude for the freedom people received through the seminars, many have contributed time, money and decorations to make a neutral place where both those who attend church and those who don’t, feel comfortable and safe. To learn more, go to or call 509-226-5390.