Cheryl’s Story

An excerpt from Through Fire and Water:

The End...And the Beginning

A buzzing noise went off inside my head and kept getting louder and louder. All around me people were talking but I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. Someone started tugging on my sleeve and then, all of a sudden, a pain-filled cry pierced the room. Turning around, I saw my mother’s face etched in torment. “Nooooo!” she wailed. “Please Nooooo!”

The sight and sound of my mother jolted my foggy mind back into reality and everything around me seemed to stand still. This can’t be real, I thought staring in horror at my mother and sister clinging to one another. Then an officer grabbed my wrists and locked them together in handcuffs. The click of the handcuffs poured over me like a deadly tidal wave. I knew it was over. I was going to prison - for a very long time.

Cheryl Cusella tells her story, which begins with childhood abuse, anger and despair. Bearing a strong resemblance to the popular Stevie Nicks, she was pulled into the limelight and wealth of being a professional entertainer as an impersonator. She even went on to join her sister featuring topless in Las Vegas and around the country. She explains how she tried to find contentment through money, gambling, sex, and performing, and how it always eluded her grasp. Stevie Nick’s family befriended her and helped her through some of the lean times, but it wasn’t until she finally landed in a prison cell that she found the peace and fulfillment she had looked for her whole life.

For the entire incredible story, please read Cheryl’s autobiography, Through Fire and Water.