At the end of December, 1988, I was completely distraught. My financial burdens as well as other problems in my life seemed to be out of control. There was no way any answer come come I thought. I considered suicide. I felt that the life of others would be better off without me. After crawling under the Juniper tree as Elijah did , there was no comfort even in my self pity.
The only, only thing that was left for me to do was pray which I had already done but to no avail, On the first Monday night.Jn January, 1989, our prayer group was suppose to me but it had been canceled. I felt a desperate need to pray with others. The only person I could think of to go to was an elderly man in the church named Mr. Hardy who had a heart for the Lord and was in his late 70ís. I called him and asked him if I could come over and pray with him. He was happy to see me come. I had my daughter drop me off at his apartment about 1 3/4 miles from my home. I had planned after the prayer time to walk home for my exercise and clear my head.
Mr Hardy and I had a good time together talking and then praying for others and also my needs. When I told him that I had plans to walk home by myself since it was after 9PM. He insisted I call a cab or someone to pick me up. I had to walk and when he saw that nothing else would do, I agreed to call him when I returned home.
As I walked out of the apartment, I felt a need to pray more. There seemed to be something left unsaid to the Lord. As I walked across the parking lot and to the main street, I began to pray. I prayed for everyone I knew or could think of. About half way home, I had prayed for everyone and I didnít know what else to do. That inner small still voice said pray more. So I prayed on even with repetition of prayers that I had prayed earlier. Finally, a block from my home, I felt completely empty inside and could no longer pray even if it meant my life. No more prayers. No nothing. Totally drained and still walking at a medium pace, there was a moment of total darkness,a blackout. I canít see I thought, so very dark. I turned the corner to my street and I could see street lights on my left as I walked. My prayers seemed worthless and nothing would change my circumstances. I couldnít think or pray. I was empty inside. As I passed by the third house on my left, I felt a presence. I looked to my right to see an angel slowly descending. Itís bare feet was right above my head. I turned my head forward and said out loud I am not seeing what I am seeing. I looked again and there directly from heaven was the beginning of my answer from the Lord by a messenger from the Lord himself. As the angel descended, I saw his feet passing my shoulder and I could see a glimpse of a wing in his back. Dressed in cL white robe His face was flawless so beautifully smooth as if it were a womanís face and the eyes not looking at me but looking forward with a seriousness about them. The hair was sandy brown, shoulder length and perfectly wavy and not a hair out of place. Still in disbelief, I turned forward again and repeated I am no seeing what I am seeing. On my left, was a another angel walking on the other side, dark hair is all I remember and about my height. One again, looking to my right, the angel was near face to face with before touchdown, the angel disappeared. My angel was gone. At that moment, I felt a peace that passeth all understanding. I skipped and ran the rest of the way home.
A few months had gone by with no answer insight and yet, I knew God was in control of my situation. I was at peace with the Lord and my problems. I took those months to rest in the Lord.
I was sitting in my office one day, thinking that maybe the Lord had just comforted my heart but was not going to change my circumstances. A few more days passed. and a very prominent man in the Charleston area came to my office and said I want to buy this building with a check in his hand. It was enough to pay off my building plus a $ 45,000. profit. What a Lord we serve! I told the man how God had used him. For the Lord, Himself, indeed answered my∑ prayer and met my need. Phil. 4:13.