American Dream

The new American Dream looks nothing like the vision of our forefathers, the pilgrims and immigrants who formed the foundation of the United States of America. The American Dream of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even into the 60’s, gave foreign citizens, disillusioned by the circumstances in their homeland, opportunity to begin a fresh life, without limitation. This was a chance to build a successful life, earned by hard work, where children inherited a better life, and a legacy of pride in their American citizenship. Our system encouraged foreigners with a desire to become Americans to immigrate legally, assimilate to our way of life, a culture of freedom, simplicity and opportunity, and to enjoy a future of endless possibilities, dependent only upon an individual’s motivation.
I remember reading and researching about America’s history and thinking it was such a great nation. I learned the United States was established by free people, who governed themselves with an unprecedented set of foundational laws and documents designed by men of great vision. The moral standard upon which these United States was founded, despite being long upheld by the majority rule, has become increasingly targeted by a small secular population who use our very freedoms to deny America’s Biblical roots. Our history is being rewritten right under our noses. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to become an American, but after I served the U.S. troops in Iraq, I saw the possibility presented as a blessing from God. I was shocked and a little disappointed, honestly, to find the America I have always dreamed of, a type of “Little House on the Prarie”/”Leave it to Beaver” combination, no longer exists.
When we look at our melting pot history, compared to those currently immigrating to America, especially those from Islamic countries, there will be no resemblance whatsoever. Our government is encouraging the resettlement of Middle Eastern refugees, and there is very little vetting done to insure we are bringing foreigners truly in need of resettlement, who have a desire to become American citizens in every sense of the word. There is some skepticism about the agenda of our own leadership in encouraging this wave of immigration. Is there a financial or political benefit to be gained by the acceptance of such refugees? Is there some movement to further diversify our population? I am not against the idea of refugee resettlement, by any means, but I feel we should be careful of who we allow entrance to. There are many who use this opportunity to take advantage of the program, who have no intention of working to achieve the “American Dream.”
With the new, diplomatic, secular, politically-correct culture of America, we see an influx of immigrants whose loyalty still lies with Islam and its agenda. Many of these new residents have been educated in the art of using our freedoms against us, to qualify for the abundance of free handouts available, to demand preferential treatment, to change our laws, and to infiltrate our leadership in order to further their agenda. They plant their roots here, but send their children back to the homeland to learn the Islamic cultural ideology, only to have many of them return to America to become “homegrown terrorists.” This has been going on for decades. One need only look to the news to see examples of this. The attempts to create “no go zones” and Sharia compliant communities within our borders, have been met with little resistance from our politically-correct government. In fact, anyone opposed to these efforts is labeled as a racist hater. I was shocked when I visited an area of Michigan which appeared to be an exact replica of a Middle Eastern Islamic neighborhood.
I have been shouting in the streets for four years about the Islamic agenda in America. My ministry works to educate others about the motives of the Islamic population here and abroad. Their goals are clearly articulated in their constitution, the Qur’an, and they are absolutely devoted to furthering the cause. There are Muslim people who do not practice Islam, and in fact don’t really even know what their Qur’an teaches. They are Islamic only by their cultural heritage. It is important to show the love of Christ when given the opportunity to reach this beautiful culture of people. Don’t be deceived though, most are loyal to Islam and even they will side against non-believers/infidels if push comes to shove. Any Islamist who practices according to the writings of the Qur’an will never honor a flag or constitution above their commitment to Allah. Pray for them and show them the love of Christ, but know they consider you an enemy the moment they find you are not a potential convert.
It is imperative American citizens learn the truth about Islam and are prepared to have discussions with others who are deluded by the softened, peaceful version of Islam presented by the biased American media. We must demand our government officials recognize the threat to our nation, posed by the agenda of Islamic ideology. We must not apologize for being American, because without the American Dream, we would have no history to be proud of, and our future will not be exceptional. Our nation is amazing because we share a history built on morality, hard work and pride in our accomplishments. If we abandon these values, we will not stand.