In the Loop

In the Loop

As I was praying and seeking the Lord about what to write this month He dropped these three words into my spirit, “In the Loop”. I had many of my own thoughts about what they might mean, but as I have sought His face He began to open His thoughts concerning these words.

I believe these words are for the church to hear. “He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.” Mt 11:15. For some Christians “In the Loop” would mean hanging out with or following the “In” Christian people; speakers, teachers, etc. That includes talking the talk that would bring you into the loop, using favorite Christian catch quotes, such as “Praise the Lord!”, “Awesome!”, “Connect”, “Home groups”, “Praying for you”, etc. There is a language among Christians just as there is among other people groups, such as horse people who have a form of language all their own.

Hanging out with the popular Christian people, leaders, speakers, teachers who hear from God is not being in the loop. Being in the loop is hanging out and talking with the Lord Jesus Christ and listening to His voice; reading the Bible, and attending a solid Christian church. In the Loop is hearing the voice of the Lord by spending time with Him in prayer and reading the Bible. You will begin to hear clearly when you meet with Him in the mornings and evenings; digging in the Bible for those precious nuggets that give direction. Then you will hear what the Spirit is saying and not mimic others.

Many who call themselves Christians can talk the talk, but being in the loop it is not about the talk, but rather about the walk. The walk flows out of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

On February 9, 1958, Pastor David Wilkerson laid the TV time aside to pray and fellowship with the Lord. He was watching it one night late and he thought about his life. He thought about how much time he was spending watching the TV every night. He had the thought to sell the TV and spend the time in prayer. He and his wife agreed to try and sell the TV. They agreed if it sold within one hour after the paper hit the streets they would know that is what the Lord wanted.

After only 29 minutes of the ad hitting the streets the phone rang and David sold the TV. Two weeks and two days later God spoke to David during his prayer time and told him to go to New York City to help the gang members there. Had David not prayed, there would have never been Teen Challenge which has helped thousands of young people to come to Jesus and be set free. David’s daughter Bonnie wrote, “My dad is famous not for who he is, but because he dared to listen when God wanted to hold conversation.”

These days it is not only the TV contending for our time, but it is the Smart phones, computers, and games that via for our attention. I have often thought of some as having their phone become part of their hand. It would seem that their hand has grown and extension that is constantly demanding their attention. God will not contend for time with us. He calls, but many cannot hear the call because of all the distractions.

George Muller was a Christian Evangelist and Director of the Ashley Down Orphanage in Bristol, England. He cared for 10,024 orphans during his lifetime. That ministry flowed from his spending many hours in daily prayer and Bible reading. Muller was well know for his prayer life. He expected his prayers to be answered, and they were.

“Once, while crossing the Atlantic on the SS Sardinian in August 1877, his ship ran into thick fog. He explained to the captain that he needed to be in Quebec by the following afternoon, but Captain Joseph E. Dutton (later known as “Holy Joe”) said that he was slowing the ship down for safety and Muller’s appointment would have to be missed. Muller asked to use the chart room to pray for the lifting of the fog. The captain followed him down, claiming it would be a waste of time. After Muller prayed, the captain started to pray, but Muller stopped him; partly because of the captain’s unbelief, but mainly because he believed the prayer had already been answered. When the two men went back to the bridge, they found the fog had lifted. The captain became a Christian shortly afterwords.”

Rarely do we see this kind of prayer life in a believer, but when we become this kind of person of prayer, we too will see God’s finger move. The costs are our own pursuits and leisure, but the rewards are a closer walk with Jesus and more lives touched for His Kingdom.

Kathryn Khulman was world wide known to be a woman of prayer. She was 14 when God touched her and called her into prayer for others. She became a woman of prayer who was known to spend eight hours in prayer before each service. She was well known for her healing services where thousands were touched and healed. But she knew well there was no power within herself, but it was her time in prayer, in His presence, which empowered her to be used by our Lord to heal. Many times as I listened to her I heard her say, “It is not me, He is the One.” Each time I heard those words I was touched deeply. She knew Him well because of her conversations with Him.

Will you be His willing servant who walks away from the distractions? Are you in the loop to hear what the Spirit is saying for this hour?