Go deep

I grew up with a big tree in the back yard. I remember at first being satisfied to just sit under the tree in it''s shadow.
Then I became strong enough to climb into the tree. Limb by limb and season by season I climbed that tree until one day I found myself at a point where I could go no higher, and then I had dreams of flying.
We grow, and the things and heights of our youth are not high enough. During the same pre-teen years of my life we went swimming. There came a time when I was bored with wading but not good enough to go over my head. I watched the others in the deep end playing like a bunch of dolphins while my hands and feet got wrinkly dog paddling along the rope that said I was a lacking the maturity to cross it.
We grow and wait to be told we are big enough.
Now as I grow to a sort of spiritual maturity there are plenty of people around to say “that''s high enough” or “that''s too
deep for you”, but God says don''t listen to them. God''s Word is ready to take you as high and as deep as you want to go. In fact God calls us to aim higher and go deeper...
The unknowable God challenges us to try. To soar beyond our limits and dive where others fear to go. For some reason it seems right to desire everything of a God we can never fully fathom. To climb without looking down at where we''ve been. To dive without worry of coming up for air.
To pray with expectation of an answer! To read the Word with expectation of revelation!
To live with expectation of the Kingdom! To see the world with expectation of a glimpse of Glory!
To overcome fear with the expectation of the miraculous!
To embrace God and know He embraces you back!
To love His people because they are part of Him!
To love your enemies and do other good things you never though possible until He loved you first!
They say that in the depths of the ocean live some of the most beautiful sea creatures God created. Below mans ability to exist on his own – beyond the reach of man, out of view – there is something God made just for Himself...and for those who figured out how to go deep.
Beyond the sun – beyond our solar system – only those with the desire to go higher can be the first to see amazing colors and formations in the heavens. In places well beyond our reach the color and magnificence of the Creator shines.
It is true of God in every aspect, higher and deeper are things God has set aside for those who diligently seek Him. Awe awaits those who dare to venture beyond human capacity. What wisdom and truth await those who chose to go deeper with the one who is Wisdom and Truth.
2 Corinthians 12:3-4 “3 And I know how such a man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows— 4 was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak.”
There are things so deep and high we are not ready for them. But from the top of the back yard tree to the reaches of the universe and the depth of the sea God has wonders and blessings for those not afraid to reach beyond. Go Deep, you will find God waiting for you there.