Choosing Christ

I heard a fellow on the radio – a Christian teacher no less – say something most troubling. I wanted to shout through the radio to those listening “No, no, don''t do it.” Here is what he said; see what you think...
“If you think it''s hard living like a Christian try living without Christ.”
“...try living without Christ”? Are you kidding me? Most of the world is quite content doing just that! In fact I''m pretty sure that most who ARE living a true Christian life, at some point, chose it OVER the non-Christian life they were living.
The point is, no one who is unhappy in the Christian walk needs to be prodded into leaving it behind. In fact, I doubt anyone wanting to walk away from their faith can stay. The thing that draws most to wander is sin, without conscience – life unrestrained by God''s commandments and moral purpose - and if this is what makes them happy then they never truly desired God to begin with.
Those who want to live without Christ see God''s law and righteous requirements as a shackle. Those who truly love the Lord find freedom in distancing themselves from sin, and joy in the righteous calling of God.
“...Try living without Christ”? I cannot imagine it! What hope is there...what future? If you think it''s hard living like a Christian ask yourself what Christ wants with you anyway. Do you think YOU complete Him? Heaven forbid, He has been complete for all eternity. You think He needs your love? Think again! God IS love. What love you have you got from HIS excess.
If God gave no one a chance to live with Him He would still be all that He is. Whether or not you are happy with God''s law changes nothing about His offer. If you love His law and embrace Him with all that you are all heaven will rejoice. If you despise Him and reject His law all heaven will rejoice when He judges you guilty and throws you into the lake of fire. Either way, it glorifies God to be merciful with the humble and to pour out His wrath on the proud.
If you are not under His grace that may sound unfair to you. If you are under His grace it sounds unfair to Him. Jesus said if you love Him you will keep His commandments. If you don''t want His commandments you don''t want Him!
Evangelist Paul Washer points out that most people don''t want to go to heaven and they wouldn''t be happy there anyway. How does he know? They don''t want it now! Salvation IS eternal life. If you are saved Life in the Kingdom of God is now. So you are either living like a resident of the Kingdom or like an enemy of the Kingdom...your choice. With Him? Without Him? His Rules, Your Rules? God''s Law or mans law? Do you love Him or not? It''s decision time!
Try living without Him? Not on your life. Want to live with Him, only by His life...