God hath joined together

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“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9 (KJV) This particular scripture’s contextual application relates to marriage. Jesus in this scripture is answering the Pharisee’s question relating to divorce.
However, as is true of the Scripture’s they oftentimes have application beyond their contextual application. In this scripture, Jesus uses some interesting verbage. Instead of saying ,”Whom God has joined together in marriage” He says, “What God has joined together...”. This is highly important for as we all know, God joins many things and people together.
Consider a church. How does one start? How does one grow? Both questions are answered in this scripture. First, God “joins” people together to form the church entity. Then as the church entity moves throughout its life cycle, God joins (or brings together) the additional people to the church entity He wants there to help that church entity grow---God does the same for Christian led businesses (a lot more may be expounded upon on that subject).
Now, we have a formed Church entity and we now have God bringing specific people to that Church entity to help it grow. Any questions so far? Jesus goes on to say, “... let no man put asunder.” Again, an interesting choice of words. He specifically said, “no man” in lieu of, “ no spouse” and He used the term, “asunder”--which means to tear part in pieces or setting aside--versus using the word, “divorce”.
Jesus did this, due to the many other applications of this scripture. As we continue on..... With the formed church entity and the joining together of specific members to help it grow, it is now the duty of the church entity to utilize these members in their fullest capacity-- NOT the desired capacity of the church entity’s leadership. Rabbit alert!! Part of the Church’s stagnation is that Church’s are “controlled” by pastors, committees, cliques, or huge tithers who have their own agenda at heart and not God’s.
Ok rabbit hunt over... So, the Church entity must yield to God and let those He has joined to them employ the full scope and range of their talents. Only in so doing will the Church entity achieve the fullness of God’s blessings--applied to business as well, again another discussion. However, what oftentimes occurs is a “setting aside” of the new members talents--which is contrary to the scripture. In addition to the Church not attaining the fullness of God’s blessing, it inadvertently robs the new member of God’s blessing that they would have received for using their talents to serve God.
There are many other applications of this scripture regarding such areas as: dissention amongst believers in the Church and government oversight regarding Churches--just to mention a couple. So, let’s embrace those God brings our way and let’s seek to employ the full use of their talents, for in so doing the Kingdom of God grows, the Churches grow, and so do we. Have a blessed Father’s day!!