Pray for Eve

I found myself in Spokane an hour early. I was going to a church service and I had an hour with nothing to do. I parked a couple blocks from where service was going to be in the middle of downtown Spokane. God has been leading me to pray for the community and I thought I would take the time to pray.
A young girl walked slowly by my car and she looked any where from 15-20 years old. She asked me “are you a cop”. I told her no. She progressed slowly down the sidewalk and said “are you a fed”. Again I told her no. She stood there like she wanted something. I said “is their something you need”. She told me she was hungry. (my first thought was I did not want to waste my time)I told her could I get you something to eat. I quickly thought and said “there is a Taco Time a couple blocks away”. “I’ll get you something to eat there”
She said “yes, thank you”. She climbed in the car and as we drove she said “If you are not a cop or the fed what are you doing parked in downtown Spokane?” I told her I was waiting for a church service that hadn't started yet. And I told her about the service, that they will pray for people. I asked her “do you know Jesus?”. She said “I pray every day, but I am addicted. I am a working girl”. I told her “Jesus loves you and he has good things for you and your family.” Her response was “God doesn't care about me, if He did than He would do something”. I touched her arm and said “you need to ask God to help you.” “He can help you out of your addictions but you need to ask” We talked more about Jesus and I tried to make it clear how much Jesus loved her. As we drove through the busy streets of Spokane, we ended up at Subway and I bought her a sandwich. As we left Subway she thanked me and I asked her “what is your name?” She answered “my name is Eve." I told her my daughter's name is Aeva and that has the same meaning as Eve. I asked “can I pray for you” she said “yes, please do”. As she left she thanked me with the most genuine thanks and we shook hands. She walked away into Spokane. As she left, I did pray for her to be set free from her addictions,and for new beginnings. And for open doors and that she would meet the right people to lead her out of the life that she is in.

This is what happened to me when I was in Spokane. I took a chance to share Jesus with a hungry girl who makes her living on the streets of Spokane addicted to drugs.

Sharing Jesus with people and trying to meet their needs is what we want to be about. Being in the position of publishing the Good News, I do not get opportunities to share the Gospel like this often; but I hope I will take each opportunity I get.

I am writing this to ask you to pray with me for Eve. She needs a new start. New hope that is only found in Jesus. She needs to be set free from addictions. She needs new friends and a new life.