Devine Right

The month of JULY reminds us of the words "INDEPENDENCE" and "FREEDOM". As a child of the "Most High God" it doesn''t matter how "OTHERS" may try to define us...whether in thought, in word, or deed. For we are not bound by WHAT they say, or by HOW they think. In all instances, just always remind ourselves of WHO GOD SAYS WE ARE... "A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH?" and children of the free. (See Galations 4:31 in the Christian Bible.} True freedom is an inside job that gives peace of mind. The fathers of the American Society took their stand for freedom and founded a great Nation. But the INDEPENDENCE they declared in 1776 was not created by them. They merely claimed what was theirs, by devine right. "FREEDOM" therefore,is a God-given gift to ALL mankind. We can choose to love freely and to worship freely. For, we''re ALL that God says we are. In Him we him we move, and have our very being. So let us be free to to forgive (not just others) but ourselves also. Let us move forward in Christ Jesus, regardless of situations we face. The devil is a liar, and always will be. God''s Blessings and a Happy 4th.