Warfare In Our Own Backyard

What I enjoy so much about the Bible is that it involves every believer (Christian). For example, Ephesians 6:12, the believer is automatically drawn into this conflict. You don''t have to be involved in ministry, your drafted. Yet many Christians don''t see it this way, and so live a life of defeat; a untrained soldier who can''t defend themselves.
Paul uses a term, "wrestling match", and it means an intense fight or struggle to throw your opponent and pin him down; that is in your face ministry. This takes every gift, talent, training and experience. The believers opponent is not human but spirit and so spiritual gifts, talents, anointing''s, hands on training and experience are needed.
Paul indicates that this battle is in various areas all over the world with levels of authority in each area, including the heavenly realms. This is a staggering revelation, overwhelming as a individual or Pastor. Yet this mind blowing revelation is designed to gather believers and Churches into unity which brings numbers on too the battlefield. An Army will do more damage than a platoon.
Jesus pushes the envelop deeper when He said in Matthew 12:28 that Satan and his angels have a kingdom that also includes demonic spirits.
Jesus also uses a term, "cast out or drive out", this driving out brings the forces of evil out into the open and then demonstrates to all those around that God''s Kingdom is superior in authority and power; and God''s ways are above all. Closing thoughts, the bible teaches that Satan has a kingdom, that means he has authority and power to inflict evil around the world. Let me give you an example. In Waco TX on "Good Friday" believers held an event in which 35,000 people attended, representing over 200 Churches. This event was held in one of the three Evil Ruling Principalities (fallen angels) own backyard. Just two months later, biker gangs were shooting it out just 8 miles from Baylor football stadium at a Ruling Spirits foot hold Hwy 6 & I-35. estimated 200 Churches attended the "Good Friday" service and almost 200 bikers were arrested, hummm. To those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see! Bruce Hines Church In One Accord