Denying God: The Breakdown of Order

Thermodynamics is, in all honesty, way over my head. I just spent twenty minutes on the internet trying to find a quote to back up what I want to say and I feel dumber for the effort.
However, I am told that this “Second Law” supports what is clearly visible and readily provable by science and experience - that all things move from order to disorder; that all systems left to themselves become less and less productive; that everything is headed toward chaos.
Every farmer has a working understanding of this. No matter what they grow the secret is to harvest at the right time to store the commodity until it can be consumed before it rots...because rot, it will. Everything that lives, dies, everything that grows decays, everything going fast slows down, and there is nothing new under the sun.
This should apply to all systems of life. Everything with information is simply part of more information. Everything that is intelligent came from a greater intelligence. Every energy came from a source of greater energy...and everything that loves came from a greater love.
So why do people claim that this law just came into existence? Why do people think that for millions or billions of years this was reversed? Why do people think that the thought, power, and love that enables a parent to hug their child was once stored in matter somewhere in space?
So what of the fossil record? What of the ancient things found in the earth? They are simply things that lived and died before us. Things that were under the same natural laws we are under. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust...and order into chaos.
So where did we come from? The origin of order and the giver of life has got to have more intelligence that that which came from it. Either we made ourselves or something made us, and since we still cannot create life from nothing the “First Cause” had to have more intelligence and more love than we do.
It IS reasonable to believe in God!
This same sort of unreasonable reasoning has been applied elsewhere in contempt of religious tradition. The Bible says marriage is a covenant between a man and woman and for thousands of years it has been so. Everyone has the right to marry someone of the opposite sex or live in any estate they wish other than marriage with any person they chose. The covenant of marriage is not necessary for any other relationship but once again truth is dismissed for desire and disfunction.
And again for transgender-ism, the latest political cause - common sense and reason and the obvious are replaced in the name of a misguided vision of tolerance. What is gender? Gender is not what you feel it’s what is in your plumbing. If you have male genitalia you use the room for males. If you have female accouterments go to the appropriate facility. WHY IS THAT SO HARD? Little kids could identify who a boy and girl are – at least until the federal government got ahold of them.
Society is definitely proving the Second Law of Thermodynamics, giving up order for chaos. God IS reason. Man seems determined to deny both!