Reunited: Mother and Daughter Recover Together

I felt like she chose the alcohol over me.
Nicki Willis spent much of her life watching her mom, Darlene, sink into alcoholism.
I didnt talk to her for almost a year. I felt like she wasnt my mom anymore. Its heartbreaking to know that my mom chose the alcohol over me.
Darlene came to the UGM Center for Women and Children to participate in the womens recovery program. June 2014, she relapsed, but she later returned with new determination. And in the midst of recovery, she reconnected with her daughter.
We arranged a date for Nicki to come and visit me. And she was stunned at the fact that I was sober, and I didnt get so angry anymore. I was cognizant, I could speak and not worry about cursingmy whole demeanor had changed.
Nicki says, I didnt know that she was sober, because I didnt believe herI have a hard time believing, I have to see it. And when I saw her, it was crazy. It was crazy how she acted. Its nice to know that my mom is back again. That she isnt controlled by a beverage.
Seeing how much her mom changed, Nicki made a decision.
I moved [to the Center] January 25th.
When she came to stay, it was a safe environment, says Darlene. She knew that I made a commitment to this program, and I made a commitment to her and my other daughters that I was gonna change.
Now, both mother and daughter are healing.
Nicki describes her own past struggles. I would just run away from my problems, and Id go off drinking or smoking with my friends, or Id cut myself. But Im better now, and Im trying to learn how to cope with things like through writing. I want to be able to just pick up a pencil and write down everything bothering me.
Nicki forgave her mom and feels they are a team, helping one another recover. Darlene doesnt take Nickis forgiveness and trust lightly.
Im committed as a mother to my three daughters, and I am so sorry for the mistakes that I have made. Im gonna strive to follow Jesus and do whats right. And I want to continue moving forward and constantly embracing everything that God has to offer us.
Looking forward to the future, Nicki says, Im really excited to know that my mom is better and that she is a true member of society, not what society wants her to be, but she makes society better.
Please pray for continued healing for both Darlene and Nicki and in their recently restored relationship.