The Biggest Lies: The Islamic Civilization

Every orthodox Islamic believer, and radical groups like ISIS, looks to the colonial era, saying that the West will eventually fall, and Islamists will be there to take advantage. They claim Islam is a superior civilization, but we cannot call them a civilization if they do society harm, for at the very heart of the word civilization, is the word “civil.” Islam has created its “civilization” through force, spreading by fear and bloodshed. A civilization by its own definition cannot exist without its own land, of which Islam has none. Rather, Islam has dominated the culture and the civilians of the Arabian Peninsula, forcing conversion by the sword, made possible with heavy financial backing. It has created an empire, more than settling a civilization. Especially considering this Islamic state had existed for less than seven centuries before control was overtaken by the Turkish, whose authority of rule has dominated the Arabian peninsula for most of the last six centuries. Now Islam is just an acculturation within Turkish, Persian and Bedouin culture.
Real civilizations are linked to culture and geographical areas or even ethnic races, but are also identified by their creation of and acceptance of a personalized rule of law. Once again, we find that Islam has taken credit for creation of a law that is actually stolen from other cultural and religious writings. The Qur’an is largely copy/pasted Old Testament writings, adapted to conform with the desired Islamic message. Many of the Islamic religious laws are taken from the Old Testament also, mixed with writings from the Hammurabi template, ancient Babylonian laws and regional tribal laws. Another attribute of a legitimate civilization is the identity of its own language, but the language of Islam is supplied by the tribal tongues already in place in the region of the Middle East. In fact, I have found that the lack of a unifying language is one of many factors of instability in Arabic countries.
Then let us here examine the genius term, “Islamic civilization.” I can say with confidence that the only civilization that is attributed to religion itself is the so-called “Islamic civilization.” Has anyone heard of something called the Christian civilization, or Jewish or Buddhist? Where does the concept of “Islamic civilization” come from? And where is its cultural legacy, its great effects on civilizations today? Where is the evidence? When we say civilization, words such as Babylon, Egypt, Assyrian, Persia, Greek and Rome will cross our minds. These civilizations have existed for centuries, leaving behind great proofs of their functionality. Ishtar Gate and the pyramids are still standing as witness to those civilizations, and similarly, the Romans and Greeks, the Chinese, and the Mayan civilizations leave behind a great witness. So where then, are the great works standing witness to the impact made by Islamists?
Orthodox Islamic groups today, such as ISIS, would proclaim that Mecca, or Medina, is where the effects of the Islamic civilization can be seen. Does the black cube, that clay cube, represent something we can call civilization? Especially considering the fact that this black cube was already in existence prior to the foundation of the “Islamic civilization.” Local pagan tribes built it as a house of worship to their many idols. When Islam dominated the region, they claimed it as their own, transforming it into a place of worship to their god, Allah.
Others claim that the historic artifacts existing in the country of Spain are Islamic. I would respond that these things are purely Spanish, mixed with the culture of the Moor, meaning the people of North Africa, Barbarians, and has nothing to do with the religion of Mohammad at all. Instead, I would suggest that Islamists were unwelcome guests and became insufferable co-inhabitants for several centuries. Their evil was later expelled by the natives, and thank God for that, because otherwise today we could have Kandahar instead of Marbella, Waziristan instead of Madrid, and Mogadishu instead of Barcelona.
Islam is a religion, a culture of opportunists, who did not settle in one place. Instead, Islam destroyed what others had done. The effects of this “civilization” are the indigenous symbols being destroyed in the name of Allah, because Allah forbids their existence. The only reason the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza survived the terror of Islam, is that the Islamists did not possess the tools destructive enough to destroy them. Bombs had not yet been invented. Note what happened to the giant statue of Buddha in Afghanistan, which was 2500 years old, when Islamists learned to detonate bombs. They bombed the statue, and were laughing in front of the TV cameras, shouting Allah Akbar. The civilized world was shocked.
In India, Islam has forced conversions, by the sword, transforming three thousand Hindu temples into mosques. The consequences of these actions are still felt, to this day, in the tensions between Indian Muslims and Hindus. Indians were living in peace and harmony up to the minute when Islam spread its tentacles of evil, causing fighting and dispersing the population into two divisions: One is the largest democracy in the region (India) and the second, the largest shelter for Islamic terrorists (Pakistan).
We might say the Mayan civilization in South America or the Pharoahic civilization in Egypt could be considered civilizations of religion, but religion is actually a product of the human civilization, not vice-versa. One reason Islam continues to thrive is that Mohammed prohibits Muslims from questioning the teachings of Islam. Islam is considered above reproach and investigation or scrutiny is not allowed. Muslims don’t question or investigate because it is strictly forbidden and considered heresy, which comes with a harsh punishment.
When I was a student in the schools of Iraq, during the dictatorship reign, I studied a required class called “Islamic civilization.” It was taught by a bearded sheikh, and the whole approach of the class was a biography of “Mohammed” and other Islamic men considered important to the foundation of Islam. In short, it was scheduled Islamic brainwashing, in order to keep pace with globalization, and had nothing to do with civilization, either closely or from afar. In fact, it was this Sheikh, who I never once saw smiling, with his sour attitude, who gave me the biggest favor in my life. This experience was the straw that broke the camel’s back, prompting me to question my faith in Islam. It led me to study the history and other fields, comparing Eastern and Western perspectives, because I was no longer willing to continue insulting my mind by the teaching of Islam and its Sheikhs. This affirmed my suspicion that Islam is made up of a mixture of cultures, inherited from others, including the Bedouins, taking much of its heritage from existing groups like the Jews and the Persians.
How beautiful you are, my mind, when you are in the right environment! Praise Jesus for He gave me my mind, after Jesus thanks also to all the university and libraries. These served as the health club for which I enjoyed mental fitness, despite my miserable frame of mind at the time, because of the Islamic system of indoctrination system. There are many lies perpetrated upon students in this Islamic educational system. First, teaching that Muslims invented the zero and without them the world would not be able to use the computer. It’s not only a lie but also intellectual theft. In reality, the zero was invented from scratch, developed by an Arabic scientist from the civilization in Babylon, in old Iraq.
Another lie, which represents half-truths, resulting in favor of the Muslims, insists that Muslims are the mothers of the translated works of Socrates and Aristotle and their ilk. In fact, they claim the origins of European civilization would not have existed if not for Muslims. Indeed, Muslims had controlled translation in the territory, such as in Iraq and Syria. They that translated, though, were not Muslims, but the Assyrians. Historical records indicated that the then Caliph was tolerant and did not mind the infiltration of these philosophical, logical ideas, otherwise considered heresy, in Islam. Those pedaling these arts should have been killed, but fortunately the Caliph was a heretic himself, and allowed these translations, the so-called “works of infidels.” Further proof is that the works of Plato and Aristotle are not allowed to be used for teaching in Islamic universities to this day.
Anyone who gets a migraine today will hear of Muslims’ amazing medical discoveries and how medicine was very advanced in the golden age of Islam during the Abbasid state. They tout as proof that the Europeans use the same principles today in London that Muslims in Baghdad do. Indeed, the Abbasid state represented the golden age of the Arabs, but not because of Islam. It was because of the move away from Islam, toward a more liberal rule. Everything that was found at that time is tied to his name, but there was not strict adherence to the practice of Islam. He allowed a freedom not previously found under Islamic rule, providing exceptions for foreigners to integrate into Islamic society. For instance, previously “heretical” teachings from Central Asia, the works of Greek philosophers, and the study of the body were allowed to be translated. These were now accepted as alternative schools of thought and people were glad for the move away from the doctrinal superstitions promoted by the Qur’an, including the medicinal benefit of ingesting concoctions made from fly’s wings and camel urine. In short, it was the heretical Abbasid Caliph who allowed these things to open the minds of men, gave them freedom to learn, and the result was intellectual and scientific prosperity. However, Islam has no relation to the subject. I repeat, the reason for the boom was the temporary absence of Islam.
The second thing to note regarding the practice of Medicine in the Abbasid state is the identity and promotion of the medical discoveries. The fact is, the Islamic civilization intended to mislead and deceive the world, that the principles of medicine developed and practiced at the time was the result of Arabs, who were Muslims, and this is a lie. Assyrian Christians from the Church of the East developed the majority of medicine practiced at the time. In fact, most of the acclaimed scientists in many fields, who made amazing discoveries, were either Jewish or Christian Arabs, but they were forced to claim their discoveries in the name of Islam. There is common knowledge that many of these great minds had apparently been converted by force to adhere to Islamic policy, by way of blackmail, “labeled tribute.” What god would blackmail his created in order to gain their worship? Which God would want his followers to be made up of people forced to believe in him, requiring their money and labeling this blackmail, “tribute?” To refuse would insure their death. This sounds more like Al Capone, not God! By the way, the same phenomenon exists today in Egypt, where the Coptic Christians are forced to announce their conversion to Islam in order to be married to someone of Muslim background. Some of them regret it later and announce their apostasy, creating conflict between the religious Castel of Azhar and the Egyptian courts.
The bottom line is, the only real effects of the so-called “Islamic civilization” are found in one place, the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the “Islamic civilization” and “Islamic civilization” is the Qur’an and nothing else. Everything claimed on behalf of Islam, outside of the Qur’an, is a fallacy and often goes back to the other civilizations that existed before the Muslims took over their territory, sabotaging their history, and erasing the identity of the indigenous people.
The proclamation of an Islamic civilization is obviously a fallacy, as it would entail the possession of land, a unifying, universal language, as well as a common law. There would be obvious benefits to the world, leaving behind tangible evidence of a productive society. There would be unique cultural norms, passed down from generation to generation. Instead we find a culture of bullies, forcing others to accept their doctrine of evil, intent on spreading their empire by conquering other civilizations and taking credit for their advancements and progress, and laying claim to the developments, inventions and writings of others.

There is great power in the spoken word and right or wrong, for the good or for wicked, faith works. In Genesis Chapter one, the scriptures very clearly describe how our creator spoke into existence all that there is. In Genesis 1:26 it is written, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth”. The implication here is that with being made in the image and likeness of God, along with being given dominion over all the earth, man has been given certain abilities, some of which, though obviously not bearing the same infinite and omnipotent power, are in the likeness of our creator. One such ability is the power to speak an outcome into situations, to actually speak proclaiming a desire, in faith, believing, and it will be given to you. Jesus revealed and certified this truth by his actions and teachings, as evidenced in the following scriptures.

And Jesus said unto them, “Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. Matthew 17:20

Jesus answered and said unto them, “Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”. Matthew 21: 21-22

And Jesus answering saith unto them, “Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. Mark 11:22-26 (KJV)

Throughout history there have been many examples where situations have changed and lives have been affected simply by the words spoken into the atmosphere. We know all too well the devastating power behind a gossip or a slander, and conversely we know the power behind a great referral, a compliment or words of adoration. We know how words of anger or joy can shape the atmosphere in a room. Some are even perceptive to and affected by others thoughts, attitudes and hidden emotions. These concepts and how they affect us are commonly and naturally understood. I want to show you some examples of how thoughts and words can shape the world around us in a more supernatural way.

In my own life I have personal experiences which lend to confirm to me the great power of the spoken word and how it can affect our surroundings and lives, for instance, I have had the pleasure in my life of being a father, a business owner and also to spend more than twenty years as a head coach for many different sports. As a coach I instructed at age levels spanning from young children to adults. From the aspect of each of these rolls I believe one of the most important observations I have made is that there is a vast difference in the ability to inspire peak performance and unity of people that comes as a result of instructing from a direction of encouragement and praise as opposed to criticism and ridicule.

What we allow to influence and affect us is ultimately our own choice. Once a prophet of God spoke to me directly about the choices of friends I had made in my life. He said, speaking for God, “The only thing He is asking of you is to pick your company you keep a little more carefully, get around those who are far more life giving, if they are dragging you down get away don’t stay there it’s that simple”. I needed that word of knowledge at that time in my life, it opened my eyes and I took heed of it. I began to monitor the negativity spoken into my life by a select few and began to realize the affect it had, so I got around those who were far more life giving and my life began to drastically improve in many ways. We need to understand that adoration breeds adoration. Kindness goes a long way to create an atmosphere of harmony that is desirous to be in and helps to foster a spirit of unity and loyalty that will transcend division and better allow for proper correction and constructive criticisms. On the other hand a consistent atmosphere of correction through criticism and ridicule is destructive to the best performance desires and aptitude of people and will inevitably open the door for division to creep in. Division most always opens the door for deception, rebellion, sedition, betrayal and chaos, all of these are extremely unpleasant and simply intolerable.

When I was young, in grade school, I remember writing poetry. Once, I even had a teacher in school take an interest in some of the things I had written. She was very encouraging to me. She took such a liking to some of my writings that she began to collect them and later bound them in a book covering she had made just for me. I remember how it made me feel, special and inspired. I know now that much of what I was writing was helping me to cope with events that were happening at that time in my life. My parents had divorced, and with primary custody, my father remarried and suddenly, it seemed, I found myself second to the youngest of eight children in a blended family. Looking back I guess I may have found myself somewhat lost in the mix. Tragically, this beloved teacher of mine was killed in an accident while on holiday that school year. I remember that it had an effect on me that caused me to stop writing for a time. You see, she was an encourager and through her encouragement I was inspired.

My stepmother was and is an encourager as well. When she joined with our family she brought much more than just a new set of grandparents, aunts, uncles, her two daughters, cats and a cool Buick Skylark, she brought love, diplomacy, sacrifice, song, and order to our chaos and at some level, a love for the Lord. She and her siblings were talented musicians and vocalists. I look back very fondly at all of the times when we would get together and have our own personal jam sessions. I truly remember as a child looking forward to the holidays mostly because of this. In time she taught us how to sing and soon we had our own un-official little choir. We sang at family events and holidays and from time to time in the homes of people, mostly elderly, when my mom and dad felt it a good idea, in an attempt to share some joy and lift their spirits. Needless to say along with the influence of that environment and my already established desire to be poetic, it wasn’t long before I was trying to put music to the poetry. I began to learn how to play the guitar and write lyrics. As a new-teen, my mother gave me my first real guitar. I secretly began to dream and at that time I really believed that someday I was going to be a musician. I thought that I was going to carve my niche in life and the music industry by bringing joy to people, serenading them with songs of Love. Then things began to change. As my confidence grew I became less secretive and more public in displaying my musical aspirations. There were some in my surroundings that I loved and respected that began to criticize, mock and poke fun at me regarding this. Soon doubt creped in, I lost confidence and eventually, stopped playing and with the exception of some rare occasions, I put away the guitar and aspirations of singing for more than thirty years.